The police do not allow talks about Rocky Gerung and Ratna Sarumpaet in Bangka Belitung

PANGKAL PINANG, – Head of Public Relations of the regional police of the Bangka Belitung Islands, AKBP Abdul Munim confirmed that his party would not give permission for the discussion activities that would be attended by Rocky Gerung and Ratna Sarumpaet because of the refusal of a group of massive organizations and youth organizations .

"If it is active, it will take place in Babel, it is feared that it will upset the favorable situation in Babel," Abdul Munim said at confirmation, Friday (24-08-2018).

A group of people rejected the presence of Rocky Gerung and Ratna Sarumpaet during a demonstration for the headquarters of the regional police of the Bangka Belitung Islands on Friday (08/24/2018) afternoon.

The Action Coordinator on behalf of student representatives and Yudha regiment Putra PPM, Rikky Fermana, said the rejection was pronounced because the discussion to be attended by Rocky Gerung and Ratna Sarumpaet was considered politically charged.

"We refused because there were no KPU provisions regarding campaign rules, while the discussion they want to attend has the theme of the presidential change in 2019," Rikky said when confirmed,

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He revealed that the presence of Rocky Gerung and Ratna Sarumpaet, who were known to be critical of the government, was feared to cause divisions between the people of the Bangka Belitung Islands.

"We reject these activities on the Bangka Belitung Islands and become examples or pilot project the interests of certain groups, "he said.

Information summarized, the discussion with Rocky Gerung and Ratna Sarumpaet will be held on Saturday (08/25/2018) in Warung Umah Ubi Atok Kulop, Pangkal Pinang.

Gerindra politician Ahmadi Sofyan said he was ready to be present if the event went according to schedule. He made sure that he did not act as the initiator of the event, but rather attended keynote speaker as requested by the commission.

"What is not the other way round, just the one who is eager to reject it can actually be called a provocateur and a disturbing peace in Babylon: Babylon is known as very tolerant, everyone can come in and be protected." Babylonians are smart and can not be trusted by anyone be provoked, "Ahmadi said.

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Ahmadi said that he could not call the discussion politically charged or not, because it had not been implemented. He hopes, however, that the state must guarantee the freedom of people to always and everywhere to discuss.

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