The presidential change movement and Jokowi two all constitutional periods

INDOPOS.CO.ID – Chairman of East Java Youth Pancasila (PP) MPW, La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, said that all public aspirations prior to the 2019 presidential election were constitutionally valid because they were guaranteed by the Constitution and the Law of 1945.

"I confirm the statement of the presidential replacement movement and the two valid periods of Jokowi, just stick to it, but it must be constructive and not cause problems in the community," said La Nyalla in Surabaya, Friday (8/24).

According to La Nyalla, democracy has created a large and free space for all groups of people to express their ambitions. Democracy is limited, however, and opinions can not disturb public order.

"If you want to change the president, Jokowi wants two periods, free of charge, what is not allowed is to replace the president while burning tires You should not fight for Jokowi's two periods while you're on the street wall scribbles and fireworks, that's an example of the limit, beyond that, as long as peace and order are free, "said La Nyalla.

With regard to the letter from the Youth Pancasila of Surabaya City to the East Java regional police requesting the movement certificate of # 2019 GantaPresident in Surabaya, according to La Nyalla Surabaya PP was not coordinated with regional administrators (MPW).

It is just that La Nyalla received a report that the letter arose because of the aspirations of some Surabaya people who did not want any division that led to destructive action in the community. There were also aspirations in which it was said that it would be better if several declarations and political support were taken when the KPU started the campaign period.

"In essence, I want to convey PP without any interest in the presidential election, the interests of the PP only the community can remain harmonious, the situation is safe and peaceful, this PP is a protector, we remind supporters of the presidential movement We also remind Jokowi's supporters to obey the law, "he concluded. (Jaa)

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