The story behind the viral video of the wedding that has been robbed by the former, parents of the groom, explains this | STONE – Jagad's virtual world was shocked by a video titled "The Wedding Party in Abram by the Former" on Eris Riswandi's Facebook account.

In the video was explained, the wedding feast of Fakhruddin Hamzah and Mira couples held in Durek No. 31 Hamlet 6 RW II, Giripurno Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City, Thursday (08/30/2018) was chaotic.

Unrest because the ex of one of the brides did not accept the marriage.

In three video 's that lasted 40 seconds, 1 minute and 17 seconds, and 50 seconds were recorded when several people fought and threw seats.

Invited guests, especially women who giggled hysterically.

Even more amazing were the video's that were shared on the Facebook homepage 17.595 times divided in just two hours to 16.52 WIB Saturday (1/9/2018).

Several comments also appear to constantly respond to the post.

There is information in the video with the text & # 39; The event was in Bumiaji, Batu, Malang.

He said that his bride fainted to see his wedding party in the midst of the ex-boyfriend who had come to his friends' premans & # 39; to bring.

We then go on with the words & # 39; What's more going on, it's the scene and people have seats, all things are rented out, if it's broken, the bride has to change. Bad & # 39 ;, note the information in that account.

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