The story of Palu Airport ATC officer jumps from the fourth floor

RMOL. Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Officer of Al Jufri Pearl Airport, Palu Gunawan Agung Anthonius died after the leading Batik Air aircraft got up when the earthquake occurred on Friday (28/9).

The story that later invited the empathy of many people to social media was the first story that was told Facebook Birgaldo Sinaga, Friday night.

"Batik 6231 R / W was ready for start," said Agung from the 5th floor of ATC Tower, Al Jufri Pearl Airport, as Birgaldo wrote.

"Thank you for letting me go, God be with you." Copy. Crew employee. Air flight is ready to take off, "said pilot captain Ricosetta Mafella from the wheelhouse.

The Batik Air plane began to move slowly and then accelerated faster. But suddenly an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter Palu shook. Dozens of people screamed in fear as they saved themselves from the airport.

Agung, who is a guard at the control tower, also felt that the tremor shook the ATC tower. But he chose to stay in the tower so that he could accompany Batik Air to take off. It was 5:55 PM.

When an earthquake occurs, the aircraft still glides over the runway to prepare to fly. The plane has not flown yet. The wheels of the plane still appeared on the hull and were not yet closed.

While under the tower, the Big Colleagues told about the earthquake. They called for Agung to leave the tower, but Agung did not turn away, although the shaking in the tower became louder.

He remains steadily calmly leading Batik Air's pilot. The task must be completed. Make sure the wheels penetrate the hull.

"Safe flight Batik Air .. Be careful," Agung said, finishing the communication with Batik Air's pilot who was in a safe position to air.

After Agung had said that, the ATC tower collapsed.

Quoted from The IndependentAgung was forced to jump from the fourth floor of the tower to save himself when the shock from the earthquake got stronger. He suffered broken legs and internal injuries.

Agung was immediately rushed to the hospital, but died while waiting for a helicopter to take him to the hospital to receive special treatment.

Indonesian Air Navigation spokesman Yohannes Sirait said that Aggins's decision to stay behind has sacrificed his life, but that he may have saved everyone on the plane when the city of Palu was hit by a tsunami.

It should be on October 24, Agung celebrates his 22nd birthday.

In honor of the services of the deceased, the Catholic Church of St. John the Evangelist prayed during the Mass at 09.00 WIB Sunday morning (30/9) specifically for the departure of Agung.

"Gunawan Agung & # 39; s Anthonius became a patriot who really fulfills a duty full of responsibility, even though he must lose his own life.We respect and are proud of your friends … Goodbye hero … may God Almighty your soul in accept peace and calm, "Birgaldo concluded,

Air Batik Pilot Captain Ricosetta Mafella also tells what he has been through. Captain Mafella continued to express his gratitude and sympathy as deeply as possible to Gunawan Agung Anthonius.

Thanks to the great sacrifice and dedication, Captain Mafella and all passengers of the aircraft can fly safely.

Via uploads InstagramOn Saturday (29/9) Captain Mafella wrote his last impression to the late Great.

"Batik 6231 job 33 is clear for takeoff, this is the last answer to me. Thank you for taking care of me and leading me until I have been safe. He then jumped over the tower to break his arms. awards for you Gunawan Agung Anthonius as my guardian angel in Palu, rest in my protective wing, God will always be with you, "he wrote via @icoze_ricochet. [wah]

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