The story of the general electoral commission about the discriminatory attitude of the KPU towards the new party

Head of PSI, Grace Natalie, the verification process is simpler

Ketum PSI, Grace Natalie, alluded to the old party that the verification process was easier, Monday (08/20/2018). (Photo: Fachrul Irwinsyah / rinse)

Chairman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Grace Natalie talked about the difficult process of verifying political parties before the 2019 elections. According to him there were differences in the attitude of the KPU compared to the old parties and newcomers such as PSI.

Grace told about the difficulties that PSI had incurred because of the system random sampling implemented by the organizer. Request to use video call the verification process is also not allowed.

"Yes, how do farmers get random, if we ask him not to go to the field for two months, then it is impossible. video call "To check whether that person is right or not as a member, it is also not allowed", said Grace in the debriefing of the Indonesian legislative candidates for the Indonesian House of Representatives in Sarbini Hall, Central Jakarta, Monday (8/20) .

For the PSI cadres, Grace stated that the preferential treatment was obtained by the old party that had already received seats in parliament. According to him, they were not ready random sampling because the party itself determines who the sample is.

"But the long-standing party joined the verification because we submitted it to the Constitutional Court, but that was not the caserandom samplingBut you can choose which sample is collected in his office. When the officers are ready, "Grace said.

Grace also said that the old party could even use at that time video call in the verification process.

"The party turn that may already have seats in Senayan video call"Grace said, who was welcomed by the profession of the framework PSI,

Therefore Grace hopes that her battle with management in building the PSI for the last four years to escape verification is not for nothing. He hopes that the candidates can fight for the interests of the people and the face of negative politics in Indonesia can change.

"I'm telling you we do not feel like it's easy to sit here in the legislative chair, so I hope we're really preparing here, so the four-year PSI fight is not in vain," Grace said.

Besides the candidates PSI, the event was also attended by the former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD. He planned to give a briefing about the event.

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