The tips from Ustaz Abdul Somad explore his faith in children

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) – Ustaz Abdul Somad gives tips for sowing faith in children during bertausiyah in the big tablig at Masjid Raudhatus Shalihin, Pekanbaru City on Sunday.

"Develop the children of faith, of course, with the language of the mother, because the mothers are most religious for their children," said the well-known UTA, UAS.

UAS then tells about her childhood experience, when one day she wants to go home with a car she finds on the street.

Back home, asked his mother where he got the toys and owned the toys he had with him. At that time a small UAS replied to him to get it on the road and someone else, adding that it was a livelihood of God.

Unexpectedly, his mother even said: "Turn to where you can be, if you do not turn around, he will be great in the hereafter and you will endure it in the hereafter."

"Well, I think I carry the Damri Bus in the hereafter," said the UAS, greeted by thousands of people listening to their conversations.

He stressed that children's tools should not be done by citing the Quranic verses or by conveying a lecture.

"Do not go back home and go home and talk," he said.

He then revealed, though simply, what his mother said, the basis of the Quran and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad.

The question of what is stolen will bear in the afterlife of the verse "He who curses, he will bear his falsehood on the Day of Judgment". And the hadith, the prophet, said: "If you do not deceive the goat bag, you will carry the goat that breathes, if the camel bag cheats, then you will wear a camel that speaks," explained UAS.

"Not only to transport buses and goats, later in the world there are people who carry the red plate of Toyota Avanza, it's a cheat." Avanza, who wore a bakwan, who was a three-paying school, carried a Sala Lauak special food on West Sumatra), "he said, greeted with laughter.

He added that the mother tongue could go directly to the brain, her heart and the marrow of her son and would be registered and settled on her head.

In the large tableau the UAS presented tausiyah on the upbringing of the creed with Ustaz Felix Siauw.

He says in Islamic views, shari'a and morality is very important, and that for Sharia and morality it is impossible to be good if his faith is not good.

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