There is a mutation at the National Police, the National Police Chief: is activated by the number of chief officers who retire

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian explained the number of mutations or changes in positions within the Bhayangkara Corps.

Tito said the process was triggered by many key officials who retired. Especially the early retirement of the former deputy head of the police, Komjen (Ret.) Syafruddin, who was appointed as MenPAN-RB.

"This was caused by the existence of an official senior civil servant who retired, Pak Wakapolri, formerly yes, Pak Syafruddin, retired early and served as MenPAN RB," said Tito, in Rupatama National Police Headquarters, Jl. Trunojoyo, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (20 / 8/2018).

"Automatically this is in the National Police, this train can be long, because the second person in the National Police." Colleagues saw a few days ago that the deputy head of the police had handed over a position to Kabareskrim on 17 August. "Now this is the series," he said.

Not much else, this also happened with the position of the regional police chief in a number of regions such as East Java and Riau.

Tito said the former East Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Machfud Arifin and former Chief Inspector of Police of Riau, Nandang, also retired. So inevitably, mutations must be made.

The mutation process, he said, is something natural. Moreover, there will always be a regeneration process in large institutions such as the National Police.

At this moment, the four-star general calls the junior in the national police environment to serve in strategic positions.

"This is a form of regeneration process within the National Police that should have happened," he said.

"The organization of the size of the National Police has a mechanism for regeneration, a more junior position change starts to rise again, we see here that there is a generation 86, class 87, there is a class 88, class 89. Even the most junior class 93. Banten Police Chief, Teddy, "he said.

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