There is a special formation for acceptance of CPNS, these are the details

JAKARTA, – The government reopening of the registration of Candidates for Officials (CPNS) in 2018 with a quota of 238,015 vacancies. These vacancies are dominated by the formation of educators. In addition to the regular formation, there are several special formations that are offered for certain groups.

Head of the Public Relations Bureau of the State Personnel Agency (BKN), Mohammad Ridwan said, there was no specific quota provided for the special formation. They still have to pass on the selection as other CPNS.

"Quotas are generally not mentioned, depending on the needs of the office." Ridwan said Thursday (19/09/2018) against

Ridwan said, there is nothing that distinguishes the regular information selection process from the special. However, the number of successful tests from different tests is different.

For example, Ridwan said, for basic competences there are three subtitles, namely 75 nationality passing insight tests, 80 transition grades of general intelligence and 183 passing grade personal characteristics. For example, while the cumulative number card for cumlaude category is 298 with a minimum overall intelligence score 85.

What are the special formations for admission to CPNS this year?

1. Cumlaude special formation

On the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of National Officials and Bureaucratic Reform No. 36 of 2018 it is stated that for the ministries and institutions in the center the quota for CPNS cumlaude is 10 percent of the total formation. While in the region 5 percent of the total formation.

There are two categories in this formation, namely for graduates at home and abroad. For graduates at home, the conditions that must be fulfilled must be graduating. In addition, universities and programs are accredited after their graduation.

Meanwhile, for graduates abroad graduates must be equated with diplomas and certificates with the equivalent graduation predicate 4 from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

2. Special handicap formation

The requirements for participants in this formation are 18-35 years old and have a doctor's certificate with regard to the type or level of disability. For the needs of ministries and institutions, at least 2 percent of the total formation. Although in an area of ​​at least 1 percent of the total formation.

3. Special formation for the sons and daughters of Papua / West Papua

The requirement is that participants are descendants of Papua or West Papua on the basis of the descent of indigenous Papuan parents. Then add the birth certificate and the birth certificate, as well as a certificate from the head of the village or tribal chef.

4. Special Diaspora formations

This special formation includes new CPNS recordings. The conditions that must be met for this formation are Indonesian citizens up to 35 years old who live outside Indonesia and have a valid Indonesian passport.

While for S3 graduates up to 45 years old. The participant also does not take a post-doctorate that is financed by the government. Participants must also attach a letter of recommendation from the workplace as a professional staff of at least two years and a legally straightforward statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Special athlete formations

Excellent athletes receive special opportunities from the government to become CPNS. In particular, they will be coordinated by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, with reference to the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Youth and Sport number 6 of 2018 regarding requirements and mechanisms for selection and appointment of excellent athletes as candidates for civil servants in 2018.

Meanwhile, the civil servant status of civil servants will be the same as civil servants in general.

6. Special training of eredents and health professionals

Lecture of KII personnel for teachers and health professionals registered in the BKN database also have the possibility to register as CPNS. For educators, the conditions to be met are stated in Act number 5 years 2014, Government Regulation number 56 years 2012 and law number 14 years 2005. Although the requirements for health professionals are included in law number 36 years 2014.

The additional conditions are the maximum age of 35 and are still active. Participants also have work experience of at least 10 years and still as educators or health professionals.

Moreover, educators have studied at least S1 for the K II Honorary Personnel selection in 2013, health professionals have a minimum Diploma III certificate before the K II Honorary Personnel selection in 2013 and have a certificate of honorary K II personnel number 2013.

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