There is rejection, Solo Police does not give permission for Ahmad Dhani – National Healthy Road

Today Pkl. 23:16 WIB • 13 views • – Solo. The healthy walk presented by Ahmad Dhani and Neno Warisman received rejection from various circles. The police have not yet given permission for the event.

Surakarta regional deputy head of the police, AKBP Andy Rifai, said he still considered the consent of the event entitled Healthy walk of Muslims and the solo residents. The advantages and disadvantages of the consideration of the police still do not give the green light.

"So far, we are still thinking about it, we also take into account security reasons because of the refusal of citizens," Andy said during a contact with AFP on Sunday (09/02/2018).

Earlier, the healthy committee claimed that they had reported activities to the local police to the regional police of Central Java. This is in accordance with Act No. 9 of 1998 on the freedom to make opinions public.

Based on these rules, the committee is of the opinion that the event does not have to wait for permission from the police. The committee argued that the events they had previously held could be sufficient with a notification.

"This report differs from the permit: PP No. 60 of 2017. So with a notification letter we do not immediately issue a permit," he said.

In addition, the police also take location issues into account. Because Kottabarat Field will be used at the same time for the Solo Citizen Sports Week (Porwaso).

While the healthy road starts and ends at Jalan Moewardi for Kottabarat Field. The healthy path then continued the tausiyah and brought aspirations to the government. (DTC)

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