These are nine basic requirements for 2018 CPNS applicants

Report from Journalist, Rina Ayu

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Before the opening of 2018 Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) many people wonder what conditions there are to apply for CPNS.

The Civil Servants Agency (BKN) has published the basic requirements for applying for the CPNS, via the official release on Monday (17-09-2018), which was received by

In accordance with Paragraph (1) Article 23 of Government Regulation (PP) Number: 11 of 2017, in principle every Indonesian citizen (WNI) has the same possibility of becoming an official, as long as it meets the following 10 (ten) requirements:

1) The lowest age is 18 (eighteen) years and the highest age is 35 (thirty-five) years when applied;

2) Never been sentenced to a prison sentence on the basis of a judicial decision that has a permanent legal force because of a criminal offense of 2 (two) years or more;

3) Never be discharged honorably, not at his own request or not with respect as an official, Indonesian soldier of the national army, member of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, or not honorably discharged as a private employee;

4) Not as a candidate for civil servants, civil servants, Indonesian soldiers of the national army or members of the Indonesian national police;

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5) No member or party manager or involved in practical politics;

6) have educational qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the function;

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