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VIVA – The action of the rejection by a massive group of the arrival of Ratna Sarumpaet and Rocky Gerung to a discussion meeting on the Bangka Belitung Islands was judged as an act of political engineering that is the brain of intelligence.

"This is a political refusal designed by intelligence." Built, directed How many banners of refusal can you do in every corner of the city? "Ratna said when he contacted VIVA, Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Ratna explained that the organizers of the discussion event had tried to move the location of the event to different places. Ratna, however, acknowledged that it was still being hampered by the local authorities.

"It was exiled yesterday, moved, all restaurantsreservation the committee was thwarted. This is designed because no one has refused. The languages ​​they use are the language of intelligence, "he said.

Ratna even admitted that her efforts to meet a number of groups of fishing communities there were also followed by several officers. Thus, a number of communication efforts with the fishermen could not be carried out due to obstructions.

"After meeting the repulsive group five minutes later, they looked down, they did not protest and then I was followed by the police who drove cars in the place of the fishermen. These people wanted to gather me instead of being dissolved, "Ratna said.

That is why Ratna regretted such incidents, so that the right of the people to be free to associate, to collect and to deliver opinions as guaranteed by the Law now seems pointless.

"This is a discussion program of at least one hundred and two hundred people, why is it now that people are only talking banished? They are all affected now, and that is not what I am happy really, "he said.

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