This is President Jokowi's message during the NTB Stand-by refurbishment

JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo led the NTB stand-by machines to rebuild at Gunung Sari Ball Field, Gunung Sari District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Monday (3/9/2018).

The apples were followed by approximately 2,250 volunteers of different elements.

In his direction, the president said that the emergency response phase was over and now NTB's rehabilitation and reconstruction phase began.

The first step you want to take is related to public facilities such as markets, health centers, schools and mosques and musalas.

"Yesterday I saw that a number of things were being done by the Ministry of Public Works," said the president as quoted from an official press release.

The president has provided direct assistance for the reconstruction of 5,293 houses that were severely damaged, moderately damaged or slightly damaged.

"Everything has to be looked at in the field, verified.To ensure that the assistance must indeed be given, it takes time.Therefore, only 5,293 (houses) yesterday," he continued.

The president advised the volunteers to help the community rebuild their homes.

He directed that the houses that would be built later would be earthquake-resistant houses.

"Because we know that this was included in the" ring of fire "in NTB and the ring of fire entered, we know that there was also a major earthquake in 1979," he said.

That is why the president went on to say that in the conversion of houses the community would be accompanied and escorted by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR), assisted by young engineers and technical students.

So that the community is urged to build earthquake-resistant houses that use an anti-earthquake construction.

To speed up the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction of NTB, the president has issued presidential instruction (Inpres) number 5 of 2018.

In Inpres, the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction is directly managed by the Ministry of PUPR.

"I will continue to follow, I will continue to monitor, so that NTB immediately returns to normal, recovery, economic activities and activities from everyday life," he said.

Not to mention, the president gave his appreciation to all levels of TNI / Polri, all volunteers, independent volunteers, volunteers from BUMN, universities, NGOs, local government and all levels of civil servants who have their energy and thoughts given.

"Thanks for the participation of all of you who work hard with great solidarity with our brothers in NTB," Jokowi said.

Implementation of presidential instruction 5/2018

In his report, Minister of PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono, in the context of implementing Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 2018, so far there was verification of 291 buildings from 972 damaged public facilities.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction activities were carried out in 56 units, consisting of 40 school units, 4 prayer houses in the mosque in Muhsala, 3 market units and 8 puskesmaziekenhuizen.

Meanwhile, for the acceleration of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of 125,000 residential units, Basuki said that verification had been carried out for 32,800 residential units, consisting of 11,400 houses with minor damage, 3600 moderately damaged and 17,800 heavily damaged homes.

An example of a residential unit with earthquake-proof RISHA technology, according to the Minister of PUPR, was built in 20 location points as examples for the community.

"Construction decks at sub-district level will soon be opened to allow the distribution of building materials in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices since this week, coordinated by the NTB Chamber of Commerce," said Basuki.

He aims to complete the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses in the next 6 months through self-managed mutual cooperation, accompanied by volunteers and young engineering facilitators and technical students.

While public facilities are being completed by the end of 2019, BUMN Karya is working in collaboration with local contractors.

"With the spirit of mutual cooperation, we are all determined to carry out the presidential order as well as possible to accelerate the recovery and reconstruction of various public facilities and homes in the NTB province, which we will present below," he said. .

In this warning, besides the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Basuki Hadimuljono, also cabinet secretary Pramono Anung, social minister Agus Gumiwang, TNI commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, head of the national police Tito Karnavian, BNPB chief Willem Rampangilei and NTB governor Muhammad Zainul Majdi,

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