This is the chronology of shooting with police on toll

During the patrol Aiptu Dodon and Aiptu Widi saw three people sitting at the edge of the highway.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The police are still looking for the perpetrators of the traffic police (Polantas) who have shot on Cipali Toll Road, Cirebon, West Java on Friday (8/24) & at night . The head of the public relations department of the National Police, Inspector General of Police Setyo Wasisto, said the police are still investigating the case.

"The case is still under investigation," Setyo said in a written message on Sunday (8/26).

So far, none of the perpetrators has been arrested. The regional police of West Java put all research tasks into intelligence to defeat the perpetrators.

Setyo explained the chronology of the shooting of the personnel called Aiptu Dodon and Aiptu Widi, two members of the traffic management of the regional police of West Java who served in the subdirectorate of the Highway Patrol (PJR). The shooting took place on the Cipali 224 toll road.

Aiptu Dodon and Aiptu Widi carried out patrols with the R4 sedan, number 91501. When they were at kilometer 224, they saw three young men sitting on the edge of the highway.

Then the patrol car approached them. From the vehicle, Aiptu Widi asked the three people to sit at the edge of the highway. Without answering the question, one of them immediately shot down Aiptu Widi and was returned by Aiptu Dodon.

"Then the three people ran to the edge of the toll road," Setyo said. At the moment, the victims are being treated medically at the Mitra Plumbon hospital in Cirebon to cure the gunshot wounds they have undergone.

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