This is the Mercy Specification Iwan Adranacus, who is suspected of killing a motorist in Solo

TRIBUNNEWS.COM- The Mercedes-Benz (Mercy) AD 888 QQ car, powered by Iwan Adranacus (40), was in the spotlight.

In addition, the luxury car from the German manufacturer Iwan's vehicle that was reportedly used to fight Eko Prasetio (28), Honda Beat AD 5435 OH, at Jl KS Tubun east of Solo Mapolresta, Wednesday (08/22/2018 ) to collide in the afternoon.

Eko was killed on the spot after the incident as a result of a wound in the head.

Judging by the black car known as Mercy, the car is now parked in front of the Solo Police Satreskrim Office.

With abrasions on the front of the left side and a hollow front left band.

Kasatreskrim Polresta Solo, Commissioner Fadli, said the car was confiscated with the purpose of investigating the alleged case of Ivan's murder.

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