This is what the KPK discussed and the 9 new governors were initiated

JAKARTA, – Following the inauguration of President Joko Widodo in the state palace, Jakarta, a number of 2018 regional governors and vice-governors simultaneously attended the KPK Red and White Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/09/2018).

The Minister of Internal Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo also seemed to accompany the governor and deputy governor.

After meeting KPK leadership, Tjahjo said the importance of the regional head to build a corruption prevention system in every region.

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"It's about building communication with the regions in an attempt to optimize the prevention of corruption patterns," said Tjahjo.

During the meeting, said Tjahjo, he also discussed areas susceptible to corruption and to draw the attention of the regional head and his staff.

"Like budget planning, the mechanism of buying and selling goods and services, existing applications, the KPK is ready to provide material and overview functions of the governor's friends, which I think is a good solution," said Tjahjo, who is also a PDI-P politician.

This was done, continued Tjahjo, to offer understanding to the regional head in carrying out his duties later on in leading in their respective regions & # 39; s.

"How to deal with the property so that regional heads can carry out tasks, I am sure everyone commits to eradicating corruption," said Tjahjo.

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Meanwhile, Ganjar Pranowo, Governor of Central Java, stressed the importance of regional leaders to build a corruption prevention system in their respective regions.

"We are conducting a dialogue on how we can prevent corruption, how the provinces are experiencing and how we can improve the relationship with the DVR in the future with the regional communication forum (forum) for the preparation of the budget", Ganjar said.

Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, said that several discussions took place during discussions with KPK leaders, one of which was a commitment to the integrity pact.

"Make an integrity pact so that it does not happen again, that's the way it is," said Ridwan briefly.

That is why the nickname of Kang Emil intends to strengthen communication, a unit of work in the area, by forming a WhatsApp communication group.

Meanwhile, the governor of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah, revealed the message of the KPK regarding attempts to prevent corruption.

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The KPK, Nurdin said, warned about the vulnerability of corruption in the region, especially during the APBD discussion.

"There is no more money that is called a hammer." Be careful, the second, do not take our planning and budgeting process into many programs that do not benefit people ", Nurdin said.

The same was transferred, Governor Edy Rahmayadi, governor of North Sumatra. The KPK, said Eddy, gave a message to be aware of areas susceptible to corruption involving the DPRD.

"Yes, he did, so that it does not happen again (corruption)," said Eddy.

Eddy even hopes that corruption cases will no longer occur in the province of North Sumatra.

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