Through Facebook, Sri Mulyani answered the satire of the chairman of the People & # 39; s Consultative Assembly (MPR) on the issue of sovereign debt Journalist Report, Apfia Tioconny Billy

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – MPR Chairman Zulkifli Hasan on the MPR Annual Session of the Republic of Indonesia said that if the amount of government debt reached Rp 4200 trillion and the ability to repay debt exceeded the normal limits.

"Rp 400 trillion in 2018 corresponds to 7 times the village fund, 6 times the health budget, which is outside the limits of the state and the national limit to pay," said Zulkifli Hasan (08/16/2018).

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani answered the details of the chairman of the MPR statement, Zulkifli Hasan, who said that the payment of the principal amount of the public debt was not fair.

Through his Facebook account, Sri Mulyani said that what was disclosed by the chairman of the MPR was politically charged and misleading. Then Sri Mulyani divided her explanation into seven points.

"This statement is not only politically charged, but also misleading.

1. Payment of principal sum in 2018 amounting to 396 trillion, calculated on the basis of the debt position at the end of December 2017. Of this amount, 44% debt was incurred in the period before 2015 (before President Jokowi). The current chairman of the People & # 39; s Consultative Assembly is currently part of the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, 31.5 percent of the main payments are for SPN / SPN-S instruments with maturities of less than a year that are instruments for managing the cash flow. Debt payments today are obligations that must be met from debts of the past, why is this just a fuss?

2. Because the chairman of the MPR uses a comparison, we compare the amount of the main payments with the budget for health care and the budget of the Village Fund.

The total payment of Indonesian debt in 2009 amounted to Rp.117.1 trillion, while the budget for health care amounted to 25.6 trillion. So the ratio of the main payments and the health budget is 4.57 times. In 2018 the principal amount was IDR 396 trillion, while the health budget IDR was 107.4 trillion, or the ratio fell 3.68 times. This means that this new ratio has decreased by 19.4 percent in 9 years.

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