TNI Berstiker Car Driver is suspected of defeating Junior High School Students

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Police improves MA status, a car driver with a TNI logo that has been reportedly committed to lick to junior high school students, RAT (14), on the toll road, to be suspected.

Director of the Jakarta Criminal Investigation General Criminal Investigation Commission, Comr. Nico Afinta, said the increase in status was after an investigation by the Supreme Court.

"already [ditetapkan tersangka]"he said when confirmed on Thursday (8/23) night.

Nico was reluctant to explain in detail what evidence MA made a suspect. He said the statement would be delivered when the case was released.

"Tomorrow [Jumat, (23/8)] release, now status [MA] arrested, "he said.

The police have asked the Supreme Court to come to the Jakarta Metro Police to be investigated. The summons was made after investigation of the throbbing video that circulated and saw two CCTVs owned by Jasa Marga.

In the investigation, the Supreme Court also claimed that he had carried out a murder campaign against the RAT. The beating was done in a conscious state.

Not only that, the police also requested information from the RAT and a number of witnesses at the location.

The police also denied accusations that the Supreme Court was a member of the TNI, as was extensively discussed. MA is known as an entrepreneur who lives in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

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