TNI soldiers ordered at Chase Actors to kill 2 soldiers in Papua

JAYAPURA, – Commander of the XVII / Cenderawasih military command, Major General George E Supit instructed the XVII / Cenderawasih military command to continue the KKSB armed separatist criminal group (TPNPB / OPM) in the forests of Papua. 19659002] This was done after the death of two TNI members in Tingginambut district, Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua, Sunday (08/19/2018), because of the actions of the KKSB group, which ambushed the TNI group provoked when they wanted to take social action for the community.

"In general, the situation in the Papua region remains good, the incident took place in an area far from the center of community activities, it had no significant effect on Papua's activities." It was unfortunate that the group took action on Sunday, a holy day for the Papuans that most people of Kriatiani, "said Major General George E Supit through deputy witness XVII / Cendrawasih Lieutenant Colonel Dax Sianturi, last night.

Dax thought that what the OPM group did not respect was their own brothers.

"It is clear that the group is not a representation of the Papuans," said Dax the statement of the commander. 19659004] Read also: TNI in Papua Asked to be alert to murder 2 Soldiers by OPM

Dax claimed, Kodam XVII / Cenderawasih convicted terrorist actions carried out by the Armed Separatist Criminal Group (TPNPB / OPM) aimed at frightening people in the Papua region.

"In addition, the terror is being carried out on TNI personnel in the Papua region who carry out a humanitarian approach to the Papuan people." The terrorist acts committed by TPNPB / OPM are clear jk acts of betrayal against the government of the Republic of Indonesia, "he said.

Dax Sianturi added that his party has always made convincing efforts to invite KKSB (TPNPB / OP) members to lay down weapons and transfer them to the security forces and to avoid armed conflicts in order to achieve peace in the land of Papua.

"We invite all Papua & # 39; s and the Indonesian people to unite against terror carried out by the KKSB (TPNPB / OPM) Group to maintain the sovereignty and integrity of the United Republic of Indonesia," he said.

Dax Sianturi added, what happened to these two TNI soldiers would be a deep wound for them. Because the two victims were intercepted when they wanted to carry out a social action, which consisted of providing food for local children, to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

"So when the incident happened, members wanted to contribute food to school children in the village of Tingginambut, a form of gratitude for the soldiers in the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia to school children in Tingginambut Village. to be more active in studying, "he said.

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The two TNI soldiers who were killed, namely the commander of the Tingginambut district, lieutenant Inf Amran Blegur and his member, Pratu Fredi. [19659002] Kompas TV As a people's army, the TNI must always be close to the people.

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