To see the state of the Rorotan Reservoir that the head of the SDA has dragged as a suspect

JAKARTA, – A large, multiform excavation between the road and various project buildings that are being worked on.

This 25-hectare galley is known as the Rorotan reservoir in Cakung, East Jakarta, which is known to have delayed construction.

The view of the water reservoir is blue with small fish that swim on the banks and welcome the moment visit the reservoir, Friday (31-08-2018).

The edge of the reservoir consists of a 2 meter wide dike, which serves as a barrier with the ground next to it.

Because it is summer, the soil conditions are cracked at some points next to the reservoir due to dehydration.

So even with trees planted on one side of the quay, it seems dead due to drought.

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On the side, this reservoir has a kind of water channel of about 2.5 meters.

In the meantime, marshes are visible at various points around the reservoir, with the condition overgrown with weeds now yellow as a result of wilting.

Another view of the reservoir is the construction of different buildings by private developers.

Not far from there, there were residents' houses that had one door to penetrate the area directly.

There are many warning signs around the reservoir.

Among them it is forbidden to play around this place, dangerous, then "prohibited to fish, fish, swim and play in the lake, very dangerous."

Condition of reservoir rorotan, Cakung, East Jakarta, Friday (31-08-2018) RYANA ARYADITA UMASUGI Condition of reservoir rorotan, Cakung, East Jakarta, Friday (31-08-2018)

Yet some young children were seen playing on the site. Including a number of adult men who like to fish and fish.

"That is just a warning, I do it often nyari fish here, "said one fisherman in the reservoir, Soni, against Kompas.comFriday.

Earlier, the reservoir project DKI Jakarta Water Resources Agency dragged head Teguh Hendarwan as a suspect in a case of destruction and entered the yard of someone else.

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Teguh revealed that the country is owned by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta and is registered on the inventory card of the DKI Jakarta Asset Registration Agency (BPAD).

The decision of the Supreme Court also stated that the land was a good of the provincial government of DKI.

The reservoir on land, said Teguh, was built by the developer with a land use permit (SIPPT).

"There is a requirement for the developer SIPPT to build the reservoir and it has now been transferred do you know, there are news about transfer, already in the footbridge of East Jakarta City Government assets, Teguh said, at the DKI Jakarta DPRD building, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Wednesday (08/29/2018).

This reservoir is also planned as an object of flood management in the capital.

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