Twitter account has not been suspended

JAKARTA – Twitter account for PKA Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin)suspend, Not yet known what the cause was. Until Wednesday (08/22/2018) this afternoon, account twitter The property of Cak Imin, @cakimiNOW is stillsuspend,

"Accounts have been suspended", wrote a Twitter statement when the Cak Imin account was opened.

The PKB DPP has protested against Twitter. Because PKB was of the opinion that Cak Imin did not violate the provisions Twitter."We protested twitter that nothing is violated, "PKB Deputy Secretary General Daniel Johan was quoted,

He did not know exactly why Twitter had suspended the Cak Imin account. But he said there were several accounts of PKB executives who were also suspended. "Once traced, there are quite a few links with PKBB employees, as if there were attacks," he explained.

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