Two-day clashes of residents in Kupang, 2 dead, 9 wounded

KUPANG, – Conflicts between residents of two villages in the district of Kupang Tengah, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), which lasted two days, killed two people and injured nine others.

Chief of Public Relations of Kupang Police Iptu Simon Seran said that two villages involved in the skirmishes were Tanah Merah and Oebelo.

"The first crash took place on Thursday (23-08-2018), so one person from Oebelo Village died and eight people were injured," Simon told on Saturday (08/25/2018).

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Eight people were injured, Simon continued, four people from Tanah Merah Village and four others from Oebelo Village.

While the second collision took place yesterday on Friday (08/24/2018). As a result of the collision, a resident of Tanah Merah Village died and another person was seriously injured.

The victim was known as Kamarudin (60), a resident of Dusun IV, Tanah Merah Village, Central Kupang District. Meanwhile, the severely injured victim was Baltasar Ndun (60).

"The victim who died suffered from stab wounds on the left side of his head, the back of his hands and back, while the victims who were seriously injured suffered stab wounds on the back of the back," Simon said.

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The incident, Simon continued, began when Housing 40 residents of Oebelo Village attacked the residents of Tanah Merah.

On the way to Tanah Merah Village, Housing 40 residents met two victims and three other residents of Tanah Merah Village, who chopped wood from thorn bushes.

Seeing that residents of Housing 40 immediately attacked them. Three other residents of Tanah Merah managed to escape, while the two victims were besieged so that they were immediately persecuted.

After persecuting the two victims, the residents of Woning 40 returned to their village, while the two victims were subsequently evacuated by security personnel to the Bhayangkara Kupang hospital.

The attack, Simon continued, was the aftermath of a clash between the two residents that took place yesterday on Thursday (08/23/2018), causing a young man to die and eight people injured.

"The latest situation until 10 a.m. this morning is still safe and conducive, but we are still ready at the location." The Kupang police force is currently being assisted by the NTT Regional Police, Brimob and the TNI are still on site ", he added.

Compass TV The stone throw action had colored the fighting action, teenagers also carried sticks and bamboo during the incident.

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