Two PJR Police Photographs on Kanci-Pajagan Toll Road Operated, Dijaga Ketat Hospital

CIREBON, – Two policemen from the regional police road patrol (PJR) in West Java, Aiptu Dodon Kusdianto and Aiptu Widi Harjana, who were on Friday (08/25/2018) night by unidentified people on the Kanci-Pejagan toll road in Cirebon Regency, West Java have been shot, will undergo surgery.

The two were moved on Saturday (08/25/2018), from the emergency department to the treatment room of the Mitra Plumbon hospital to remove surgical projectile or bullet waste.

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West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto said, both knew it.

"Both were affected by debris, some were exposed to hands and skin tissue, but I asked the doctor, his condition is conscious, tomorrow (today) is occupied.There are no vital organs affected by bullets, & # 39; he said while he looked at the two police officers.

Agung said, after the shooting, the perpetrators ran without using a vehicle. In the meantime he has not been able to trace the identity of the perpetrator and shoot down the motives of the three strangers. The police still pursue the perpetrators.

"It may be that he (she) is a criminal waiting for someone, sometimes there are cars that like to stop, in fact, if our members do not care, there is no problem, we will continue patrolling. because you give, what are three people? Maybe you need help, you have been asked: What is going on? You can not sit here because it is dangerous, but the person has really shot. can not connect (this case), "he said.

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Agung urged people not to be afraid. The police are working fast. He hopes that the joint team can quickly discover this matter.

Based on monitoring in the Mitra Plumbon hospital, a number of police officers are still guarding outside and in the hospital.

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