Two PJR police were shot in the chest and hands on the Kanci-Pejagan Toll Road

CIREBON, – Two members of the regional police of West Java, Aiptu, Dodon Kusdianto and Aiptu Widi Harjana were shot by unknown people in the chest and hands.

Because of the gunshot wounds that members suffered, both were treated at the Mitra Plumbon hospital.

West Java Regional Police Superintendent General Agung Budi Maryoto said the shooting took place when the two victims were serving in the Kanci-Pejagan Toll Road at Cirebon Regency, West Java, exactly at kilometers 223-400, Friday (08/24/2018 ) around 21:15.

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At that time, the two three people were on the edge of the road and stopped immediately. Both were meant to remind the three people because they were considered dangerous.

One of the three perpetrators, however, removed a firearm and pointed it to the officer. The perpetrator shot at the officer.

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They had returned to an unknown person. The perpetrator was shot.

"Both were affected by debris, some were exposed to hands and skin tissue, but I asked the doctor, his condition is conscious, tomorrow (today) is occupied, no vital organs are affected by bullets," Agung said.

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After the shooting, the three perpetrators immediately fled. The police did not deliver, the three mysterious people and which motives are behind the shooting. The police are still hunting and exploring the case.

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