Two policemen were shot in Cirebon, the perpetrators were still being hunted

JAKARTA– Two members of the Traffic Police in Cirebon, West Java were shot down on Friday night by an unknown person at the Mertapada tollgate, Cirebon, West Java. Until Saturday morning they were both still being treated at the Mitra Plumbon hospital.

The police are still hunting the perpetrators who escaped by car. The motive for the shooting is unknown.

Previously, a Cirebon City police officer was also the victim of strikes by unknown persons. Ironically, the victim Brigadier Angga Dwi Turangga was on duty during the incident (Monday) (08/20/2018) around 02.00 in the morning.

Friday night began when two police officers patrolling the tollgate suspected that the car had stopped on the road.

The two policemen approached him and asked him as they asked to leave the location because it was dangerous for him and other inspectors.

But instead of leaving, one of the passengers pulled the gun and shot down the Polantas member.

Of course they were both shocked because they did not think the passenger of the car was armed. Yet the police still had time to open the fire, so there was a gunfight. The perpetrators immediately fled leaving the uniformed police.
Two policemen in Cirebon were shot during a patrol at the Mertapada tollgate, Cirebon, West Java. 2 policemen who have been shot, have been injured and are being treated.

Head of the Public Relations Department of the national police headquarters, Inspector General Setyo Wasisto, said the two members who were shot were Aiptu Dodon and Aiptu Widi. The two are still being treated in the Mitra Plumbon hospital.

The results of the hospital investigation of bullets shot on Aiptu were in the chest jaw and jaw, while the bullets that had been shot on Aiptu Widi had fallen into the hands.

Bullets do not hit vital organs. And the condition of both is still stable. (B)

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