Two TNI soldiers were shot dead by members of the OPM in Puncak Jaya, Papua

TIMIKA, – Two TNI soldiers who were members of the Derah Rawan Security Task Force (Pamrahwan Task Force) were shot dead by an armed separatist criminal group (KKSB) in Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua, Sunday (19/08/2018).

The incident then started two victims, namely lieutenant Inf. Amran Blegur, who was the commander of Tingginambut Post and Pratu Fredi, would provide food aid to school children in the village of Tingginambut, about 1 kilometer from Pos. Both moved to the village around 13.30 WHITE.

However, about half an hour later or around 14:00 WIT the Tingginambut Koramil was informed by the residents that the two TNI members were intercepted by the KSSB of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) in the Tingginambut- bridge.

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Members of the Koramil and the Task Force of Pamrahwan have moved to the Tingginambut Bridge. When they arrived at the bridge, they noticed that the two victims were lifeless with gunshot wounds and some arrows on their bodies.

The two victims were subsequently taken to the hospital of Mulia with an ambulance.

"Around 5:45 PM the victim's body arrived at the Mulia hospital," said Deputy Chief of Information for Kodam 17, Cenderawasih Lt. Col. Dax Sianturi in his official statement on Sunday

to contribute food to school children in Tingginambut Village. The activity was a form of gratitude for the soldiers in the commemoration of the 73rd Indonesian birthday.

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"The best son of the nation May the deceased Chusnul Chotimah and the abandoned family get strength and steadfastness," Dax said.

Military commander 17 Cenderawasih major George E Supit regretted the action of KKSB.

"They do not respect their own brothers. Clearly, the group is not a representation of the Papuans," George said.

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