Two women fall from motorcycles during a shot, one coma

PEKANBARU, – A woman named Evi Muliani (22) was unconscious or had a coma after falling from a motorcycle when she was taken. Evi was on Saturday (08/18/2018) & # 39; night around nine o'clock & # 39; a victim in the evening for the Youth Sports Center Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Pekanbaru.

"The victim is currently hospitalized because of a bleeding in the head and blood loss, so that the victims of coma are unconscious," said the head of Public Relations of the police of Pekanbaru, Ipda Budhia Adiandha, Sunday (19-08). -2018).

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The victim drove on a motorcycle and drove with her friend, Riah Diljanah (20). That night the perpetrator came suddenly and tried to grab the mobile phone in the hands of Riah.

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"There is once an attraction, keep his 19459007 mobile phone. Evi who was riding a motorcycle, however, was not under control. and fell on the asphalt, "said Budhia.

When the perpetrator saw that he was falling, the perpetrator ran away immediately and did not pick up the victim's telephone.

"Both victims fell on the asphalt, victim Evi Muliani was seriously injured, while Riah Diljanah got blisters," continued Budhia.

After the incident, the agents of the Bukit Raya police station arrived and the victim fled to the hospital.

Then the officer examined the snatcher.

"Reportedly, two perpetrators, the officer is still investigating," said Budhia.

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