Two young people who advertise in Jokowi in Babylon are not being held by the police

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Police arrested two young men with the initials S (20) and F (16) for insulting President Joko Widodo via a video in Bangka Belitung. However, the police did not arrest the two young men.

"The suspect was not arrested in view of the threat of a sentence of less than five years," said Head of Public Relations of the regional police of Bangka Belitung, deputy chief of police Abdul Mun, via a brief message. to, Sunday (2/9).

Abdul said that besides S and F, the police also arrested I. However, I was only a witness, while S and F were named as suspects.

This insult case started on Monday (27/8), the two suspects gathered in house I in Balunijuk Village. They made a 30-second video that offended President Jokowi. One of the contents of his insults is the infidel Jokowi.

Then, on Thursday (8/30) around 7:00 PM, the second video was viral in the WhatsApp call request. In response, the police of Merawang, together with the regional police of Bangka and the regional police of Bangka Belitung, immediately initiated an investigation.

The next day, S and F together, I underwent an investigation at the Bangka police station.

The regional police of Bangka also received a police report on the alleged criminal law number LP / B-1313 / VIII / 2018 / Babel / Bangka Res on 31 August 2018 and immediately investigated.

According to Abdul, S and F were charged with Article 27 (3) of Law No 19 of 2016 on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) and or Article 207 of the Penal Code on offending authorities.

Abdul told the police that the suspects insulted Jokowi because he often saw news broadcasts around the # 2019 Represents.

"According to the perpetrator's recognition that he committed insult to President Jokowi because he saw the news replaced # 2019 by the president," Abdul said.

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