Ustaz Abdul Somad keeps the question of akidah in the big tableau

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) – Ustaz Abdul Somad together with Ustaz Felix Siauw is working on the akidah in the big tablel of Masjid Raudhatus Shalihin, Pekanbaru on Sunday.

The cause, explains Ustaz Abdul Somad, is the faith of Allah, the angels, the heaven of hell, the severe punishment for Shiratul Mustaqim.

"Now we are discussing the supervision of God, even though we are at the World Cup, we are under God's control, so the first is the new Islamic law, the non-religious person is unacceptable," he said.

He explains the basis in Islam to be aqidah, shari'a and akhlak, and that between the three religions is the most important.

"But not, he said that he was done with this study when he was asked why he had not prayed for an important answer to the faith, that is not true," he said for thousands of people who participated in the large tableau.

"Because of the evidence that the Aidah is true, there is a sharia, so if the plant is aqidah, the fruit is shari'ah." If there are people whose faith is right but still nabung in the conventional bank, it is also true. that's his faith, he went on.

He then told the story of the belief of a judge in Pekanbaru, who refused to accept bribes from people who asked him to cede the punishment of his son who was involved in drug trafficking.

"The judge asked the man to help his son who was involved in narcotics and illicit drugs by easing the case, but the judge said:" take my money away, I will not change anything ""

He said that in knowing this incident the true man of his creed would say "Great Pak Hakim", while a person who does not believe his faith will say "stupid judge, why not taken?"

"So the most important thing is that there are people who are zealous to worship, but faith is not true, but this judge is safe from evil, because before he was in charge," said the king, commonly known as UAS.

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