Via Musala Loudspeakers, Menteng Urban Village Ask for Mass Tawuran Bubar

Brawl took place for Pasar Rumput, Manggarai, Jakarta. Menteng Village Head Agus Sulaeman asked the crowd who was involved in the quarrel to dissolve.

Agus transferred this using the Musala Forkabi speakers in Jalan Sukabumi, Menteng. TMC Polda Metro Jaya uploaded a video via his Twitter account when Agus addressed the crowd.

"That tomorrow we will celebrate all Muslims Eid al-Adha, do not celebrate Eid al-Adha on bad and painful things," Agus said through the uploaded video as seen AFP, Monday (08/20/2018).

See the road can be traversed by vehicles, also the rest of the brawl in the form of stones in the middle of the roadSeems that the road can already be crossed by vehicles, also seen the rest of the brawl in the form of stones in the middle of the road (Photo: dock TMC Polda Metro Jaya)

In the video, residents were still clustered around the location. Members of the TNI-Polri also appeared around the location. Musala Forkabi is located at the intersection of Jalan Sukabumi and Jalan Menteng Tenggulun, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

in postsTMC Polda Metro Jaya other, it seems that the vehicle Jalan Sultan Agung, Setiabudi, South Jakarta can pass. It seems that the former fights are like stones in the middle of the road.

Not yet known causes of fights and parties involved in the brawl in this event. Policemen had expelled tear gas to disperse the crowd.

"I went to the scene, the officers were already in the field for handling," said South Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKBP Stephen on contact.

(jbr / haf)

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