Viral, this is the fate of Captiva drivers who point to the thumb after the teenager on Jagorawi Toll Road

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – video of a man who affects viral teenagers on social media.

One of them is uploaded by an Instagram account @, Wednesday (22-08-2018).

According to the screenshot in the upload, the beating took place on Wednesday (08/22/2018) around 10:00 WIB on the Jagorawi Toll Road in Jakarta in the direction of Cibubur.

The driver of the black Chevrolet Captiva car thought to be angry and tortured the victim because the car with the victim suddenly braked.

"The toll road is a bit overloaded, the driver of the sedan (me) brakes a bit at once because the car suddenly stops for me," fill in the information.

After leaving the toll, the Captiva driver blocked the car of the victim.

The man had strangled the driver of the car who had opened the glass of his car.

The victim who had just graduated from high school and got out of the car was then beaten.

After he hit the teenager until he was injured, the perpetrator raised his thumb.

Reading: Have no money, this youth Suddenly rich after finding objects that are 20 years old in the garage launch Kompas.comOn Thursday (23-08-2018) the driver of the Chevrolet Captiva with the initials MA is mentioned as a suspect for hitting a teenager with the initials RA (14).

This was said by the director of the police chief of the Jaya, Nico Afinta.

Nico did not explain, however, whether the Supreme Court had been detained.

"The release of tomorrow, now the status is arrested," he said.

Meanwhile, head of the Metro Jaya Regional Police Subdirectorate Ranmor Subdirectorate AKBP Sapta Maulana said the Supreme Court had hit RA because the emotions of his journey were interrupted because the RA car suddenly stalled.

After checking CCTV, however, there is no recording if the car that transports the victim suddenly brakes.

The perpetrator has now been arrested for interrogation.

Watch the full video above! ( Widiastuti)

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Reporter: Vika Widiastuti
Video production: Ramadhan Aji Prakoso
Source: Video Tribune

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