Visited by Princess Gus Dur, Ahok still unchanged

RMOL. The 4th President's meeting of Abdurrahman Wahid, Yenny Wahid with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) in the Salemba branch detention center at the Brimob Mobile Brigade, Depok, made a special impression at Yenny.

According to Yenny Ahok, it has not changed. Ahok, said Yenny, has still told a lot. Although more wisdom and wisdom now come from the mouth of the condemned man of blasphemy.

The story of his encounter with Ahok was written by Yenny on her personal Instagram account @yennywahid, Wednesday (8/22). He met Ahok two days ago.

"The Sturdy remains upbeat, still wants to fight for the country," Yenny said on her Instagram account.

The second meeting was filled with a conversation. Starting from Ahok's new passion for singing, the process of deep reflection that Ahok did to sincerely accept fate for the 2019 Presidential Election problem.

Before the presidential election, Yenny did not explain, which will certainly tell Ahok the audience.

"What is the attitude in the presidential election later? Just wait, he will certainly tell us everything," Yenny said.

In the Instagaram account Yenny also showed a paper with the message from Ahok for her.

The following is the content of the message written by Ahok:

For Yenny Wahid

Thank you for your visit today. Keep fighting for humanity, tolerance, justice as Gus Dur always asks us to do.

For example, like Gus Dur, do not be afraid to lose your position by breaking truth and justice.

If we are currently faced with the challenge of using the right perspective, this challenge does not bring us down, but instead promotes us to fight for the Pancasila house for all nation-children. May God grant us peace, prosperity and strength.

Greetings BTP, Ahok, Mako Brimob, 20-8-2018. [nes]

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