Warganet Serang Richard Muljadi about arrest

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Warganet attacked Richard Muljadi in his personal Instagram commentary commentary after the police announced that one of the grandchildren of the conglomerate had been arrested for using cocaine in a restaurant in the SCBD area, South Jakarta.

Based on monitoring CNNIndonesia.com, the photo uploaded on Tuesday (21/8) was flooded with warganet comments for 203 people at 16.45 WIB.

One owner of an account called @vidimaril said that Richard was someone who liked to use drugsHe claimed he had idolized Richard.

"First respect this year like this. Sorry I will ever be around. Poor parents, "wrote @vidimaril in Richard's comment column.

In addition, the owner of another Instagram account named @ Hughjackmanindonesia said it was no wonder that the police arrested Richard because she was caught with cocaine.

"It is no wonder that the grandchildren of the conglomerates, even the children of kings and queens of dangdut who seem pious, also use drugs," said @ hughjackmanindonesia.

Not yet finished, negative comments also came from the owner of the account @ surijantonikolas who was quite surprised by the news today. He regretted the incident so badly.

Some citizens, however, also supported Richard. One of them is @mtdaniell, which states that many people like to see people who are difficult.

"There are many people here who are hard to see that people are happy, but very happy to see someone difficult," he wrote.

Earlier, the head of Public Relations of the Metropolitan police of Jakarta, former commissioner Argo Yuwono, said that Richard's arrest took place on Wednesday (8/22) at about 02.00 WIB. The arrest was carried out by the pick-up team of Metro Jaya Police Resmob.

"The suspect went into the toilet to use the evidence, and then found a suspect and evidence on the cell phone," he said through an official statement.

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