Welcoming the Javanese New Year, Thousands of people follow Kirab Satu Sura

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Thousands of people attend the carnival ceremony at 1 Sura in Puro Mangkunegaran in the evening, Surakarta Palace, City solo, Monday (10/9) night. A Sura itself is the first day or celebration of the new year in the Javanese calendar. This Javanese calendar date, published by Sultan Agung, refers to the Hijri calendar. So that the 1st of Suro will be held to coincide with Muharram's new year 1 hijri.

This carnival tradition was held by walking hand in hand around Puro Mangkunegaran, Solo. In this carnival program I participated in the four Solo Palace heirlooms. These four heirlooms are three types of spear heirlooms and an heirloom is in a jodang or a box-shaped house.

The participants in the parade wear Javanese clothing (beskap) for men and kebaya for women. The clothing worn by the majority is black. The carnival program starts in the Pendeng Ageng Puro Mangkunegaran area.

The parade begins with the family, followed by family members, to the servant of the palace Puro Mangkunegaran. A number of guests were also invited by the regional military commander IV / Diponegoro, Major General Wuryanto, former TNI Commander General (pur) Gatot Nurmantyo, Central Java Police Superintendent General of Kirono Police Condi- tion and member of the Indonesian Parliament Ario Bimo also participated in the barefoot walk around Puro Mangkunegaran.

According to the Sura Mangkunegaran Kirab Malam Committee, Joko Pramudyo, Puro Mangkunegaran, conducted the first Suro night in accordance with the official calendar of the government on Monday evening.

"Mangkunegaran also has its own calendar that refers to the calendar of Sultan Agung." In that calendar the night of Sura was indeed one day difference with the new year of Muharram according to the calendar of the government, "he explained, as quoted by Antara.

According to him, Mangkunegaran uses the calendar for several reasons, one of which is Mangkunegaran who is part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, so he chooses to use the official government calendar.

According to TNI General (Ret.) Gatot Nurmantyo, he felt that he was participating in a traditional ceremony by surrounding Puro Mangkunegara while he prayed with other participants.

"I did not join this tradition for the first time, but it was only in the palace that it was the first time, but as an ordinary person I often came out every evening at the 1st Sura," he said.

Nevertheless, he reminded the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) to consist of several existing kingdoms. That, which increased the dignity of the Indonesian people with ancestral traditions.

"This Mangkunegaran must be noted in 1757, Raden Mas Said has already fought against the enemy because he was not fair and insulting," he added.

The inheritance after being circulated around the Puro Mangkunegaran Palace was then returned to KGPAA Mangkunagoro IX to be stored, and thousands of visitors thronged in the Puro Mengkunegaran Hall and then scrambled to get water to bless the heirloom as a blessing. purify.

KGPAA Mangkunagoro IX also distributed thousands of packets of rice to the community as an illustration of eating together between leaders and their people. In addition, the program continued with KGPAA Mangkunagoro IX and the family gave money to be distributed to the Puro Mangkunegara pavilion that was welcomed by thousands of people who had waited since the afternoon.

Yanto (48), one of the residents of Boyolali, consciously came to Mangkunegaran to receive blessings in the form of coins or paper. "I attended a traditional ceremony at Puro Mangkunegara to seek blessings," he said. (Ex)

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