What you need to know about ETLE tickets being tested today

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Electronic ticketing system or electronic traffic enforcement (ETLE) starts testing this Monday (10/10/2018).

Traffic director of the Metropolitan police of Jakarta, Kombes Yusuf, said that the system relies on camera & # 39; s closed television circuit (CCTV) advanced technology that controls traffic violations.

"The CCTV can record,to catch violation, the vehicle license plate in the field is then connected to back office TMC Polda Metro Jaya. Later of back office there are officers from Gakkum and the regents who will check the database, "he said.

If it is proven that a driver has committed an offense, the police will issue a ticket.

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The types of violations that can be detected by the system are odd-level violations, violations of road markings and signs, exceeding speed limits, fault lines, overload capacity and dimensions, breaking red lights, resisting the flow, driving at speeds that limit, do not use helmets, do not use seat belts and do not use mobile phones while driving.

Tickets are sent to the residence of each offender and the penalty for the ticket is paid through the bank.

In addition, there are other important information that road users need to know about today's ETLE tests, namely:

1. Done at Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin

Yusuf said he was planning to test the ETLE system along Jalan Sudirman to Thamrin, Jakarta. CCTV will be installed on the road at a number of points.

Yusuf said that if the process would run smoothly without restrictions, ETLE would be gradually implemented during the Road section in Jakarta.

2. 4 Advanced CCTV

In this trial 4 CCTVs are installed at four points along Jalan Sudirman Thamrin.

These points include the crossroads of Sarinah, the crossroads of equine statues and Simpang Kebon Sirih.

Yusuf said he would see the accuracy of the image capture of the four CCTVs before installing more CCTV.

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3. There is no action

Kasubdit Gakkum of the management of Metro Jaya Police, AKBP Budiyanto, said that his party had not taken any action against traffic offenders during the trial. During the trial period it only carries out socialization.

In addition, he said, the police and related parties will conduct a trial regarding the accuracy of the process for recording and evaluating the types of violations at TMC Polda Metro Jaya.

Because they did not take any action during the process, the police do not send pictures or files of the driver's transgression to his home.

4. The BPKB must be equipped with a mobile telephone number and an e-mail address

From today, vehicle owners who want to reverse their vehicle name or annual load must include their mobile number and e-mail address in the motor vehicle booklet (BPKB).

This is necessary to make it easier for the driver to contact the driver when he sends a ticket if it appears that he has committed a traffic violation.

5. Carried out during a month

Yusuf said, the plan would be for a month. The test will end at the end of this month.

If it is considered sufficient according to the results of the analysis and evaluation of the test, ETLE will soon be implemented in Jakarta.

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