Why is Idrus Marham a suspect?

Idrus Marham resigned from the social minister to protect the honor of President Jokowi.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID By: Dian Fath Risalah, Dessy Suciati, Febrianto A Saputro

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has finally announced a new suspect in a case of alleged bribery of a cooperation agreement for the construction of the Riau-1 steam power station (PLTU). The new suspect was Idrus Marham, the social minister who later chose to concentrate on this matter.

There are some indications of the alleged involvement of Golkar's former party secretary general in this bribery case. During the investigation into the KPK, a number of new facts were found and the preliminary evidence for yanga was in the form of witness statements, letters and instructions, so that a new investigation was carried out dated 21 August 2018.

KPK Vice-President Basaria Panjaitan told a press conference in the KPK building in Jakarta on Friday evening (8/24) that IM (Idrus Marham) had received an agreement for the same share of EMS (Eni Maulani Saragih), another suspect, of 1 5 million US dollars or IDR 21.9 billion (with an exchange rate of IDR 14,600 per US dollar).

That amount, according to Basaria, was promised by JBK (Johanes Budisutrisno Kotjo) if the PPA (purchasing power agreement) of the PLTU Riau 1 was successfully implemented by JBK and friends. PLTU Riau 1, a mine melting station, has a capacity of 2×300 megawatts.

The KPK revealed that Idrus was suspected of knowing and contributing to the receipt of money by Eni of John. Around November December 2017 Eni reportedly received Rp according to the KPK. 4 billion. Then, around March and June 2018, Eni reportedly also reported about Rp. 2.25 billion have received.

Another indicator that makes Idrus suspicious, the KPK suspects that Idrus used his influence as elite of the Golkar party to relocate former Eni M Saragih, the deputy chairman of House Committee VII, to shareholders of Blackgold Natural Recourses Limited, Johannes B Kotjo . "Yes, maybe it can be one of them, one of them," said Basaria.

Idrus would have helped Eni Saragih complete the interests of Blackgold Natural Recourses Limited, which was represented by Kotjo in the contract for the PLTU Riau 1 development project. "We do not doubt whether the IM position as chairman, minister or secretary-general is in his position, but has helped the person concerned," said Basaria.

For his actions, Idrus would have violated Article 12 (a) or Article 12 (b) or Article 11, Law No 31, year 1999, as amended by Law No 20, 2001 on the eradication of corruption, crimes, Juncta. Article 55 Paragraph (1) 1st of the Penal Code or Article 56 of the KUHPJuncto Article 64 paragraph (1) of the Penal Code.

Earlier, the KPK had two suspects in this case, namely Eni and Kotjo. Eni is suspected of being the recipient of bribes, while Kotjo is suspected of being a bribe.

The amount of Rp 4.8 billion received by Eni would be related to the contractual agreement on the construction of the PLTU Riau 1. By being a suspect, Idrus became the third suspect in this case.

In the case study since 14 July 2018, KPK researchers have examined 28 witnesses. They include officials from PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali Investasi, such as president, finance director, operations director, development and commercial director and company secretary.

The KPK also investigated staff and officers of PT PLN, including the director of strategic procurement 2 PLN, employees of PT PLN Batubara, director of PT China Huadian Engineering Indonesia and private employees. Sofyn's CEO PLN was also questioned by the KPK.

Idrus Marham was appointed social minister of the Jokowi-JK work cabinet in mid-January this year. He replaced the previous social minister, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, who withdrew to advance to the regional elections in East Java.

Before he became Minister of Social Affairs, Idrus served as secretary general of the Golkar party from the Aburizal Bakry era to Setya Novanto. The lawsuit that lured Novanto into the trap made Airlangga Hartarto appear when the new skipper of Golkar and Idrus was removed from the post of secretary general.

Idrus was appointed as coordinator of the Golkar Party Institution in the Airlangga era. Since he has followed the lawsuit that has trapped him, Idrus also chose to retire from his current position in Golkar – and retired as a social minister.

Idrus emphasized his resignation as Minister of Social Affairs as his moral responsibility. "(This) is my form of moral responsibility, so I submit a resignation request," said Idrus Marham at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta.

Idrus explained that one of the considerations for resignation was to preserve the honor of the president. "We have known the president as a leader known for his high involvement in the fight against corruption," said Idrus.

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