Wisman Membludak, Tanah Lot Kreatifood & Art Festival Opened with MURI Records

INDOPOS.CO.ID – Recently, Tanah Lot Kreatifood & Art Festival immediately opened a MURI record. This fantastic achievement was engraved by the colossal dance of the Sendat dance of Ratu Segara, August 18-20. Performance is more complete because this dance gets copyright.

"The achievements of Tanah Lot Kreatifood & Art Festival are extraordinary and very inspiring in achieving the MURI record, which will certainly encourage people to continue producing the best work again," said the Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu. Eka Wiryastuti yesterday.

Rating for Tanah Lot Kreatifood & Art Festival. From 18-20 August, the festival held in the Tanah Lot Tourism Destination (DTW) area, Tabanan, Bali, immediately attracted attention. Massed, the opening ceremony was very special with the MURI record of Rejang Sendat Dance Ratu Segara. Colossal, this dance includes 1,800 dancers.

Saturday (8/18), at 18:00 WITA, became a historic moment. The colossal offer of Rejang Sandat Dance Queen Segara begins. As the last work of art, this dance is presented for 11 minutes. The tourists also seemed to enjoy the holy dance. The atmosphere changed into euphoria of excitement when Rejang Sendat Ratu Segara Dance was proclaimed MURI.

"We certainly hope that this achievement will be continued, because tourism in Tabanan needs to be further improved." The goal is that tourist visits continue to rise, and they will stay here longer. "The Queen Segara Rejang Sendat Dance Tabanan getting better, "explains Eka Wiryastuti. In addition to the MURI record, this dance also received an Intellectual Copyright Certificate from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Eka Wirastuti added, Rejang Sendat Segara Dance is an intellectual work that needs to be protected.

"It is true that copyright must be given to Rejang Sendat Dance Ratu Segara, because this is one of the assets owned by Tabanan, but this type of wealth must be protected, but this is one of the identities for Tabanan," he continued. .

Rejang Sendat The dance of Queen Segara is unique. The movement became increasingly exotic because it was presented by 1800 millennials of Tabanan. They also come from secondary schools throughout the Tabanan region. Besides the movement, this dance is also full of philosophy. Rejang Sendat Dance Ratu Segara was indeed created as an expression of gratitude for the abundance of gifts entrusted by the universe.

"The universe has been good with plentiful pleasure, for which we must tempt God with the best sacrifices, whether through Upakara or in the form of a sincere dance, hoping that nature will be more harmonious and sustainable, "he explained.

Various events were held to improve the festival. The start is even faster per day. Various art and cultural parades are shown. Call it Barong Bangkung Ngelawan, Beleganjur Kreasi, Barong Parade, Rindik Stage, Dance Parade, Dance Drama Tetekan and Gender Performances. They all become an exotic representation of the Island of the Gods.

"Tanah Lot Kreatifood & Art This festival is very rich, the content is very diverse and inspiring, the richness of Balinese art and culture is remarkable, always growing and developing new creations.This Rejang Sendat Ratu Segara dance is an extraordinary It really deserves to be a MURI record, "said acting deputy for marketing development I of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani

The second year, Tanah Lot Kreatifood & Art Festival became increasingly colorful. The concept strengthened the power of Tanah Lot even more as a religious tourist destination. Wayan Adnyani explained that the potential to develop Tanah Lot was even greater. "Tanah Lot is very global, the potential is very big and the number of tourists will stay up again," he explained again. During the 2017 event, the festival was visited by 45 thousand tourists in the three-day event. For this year the festival is intended to visit 50,000 to 55,000 tourists. Because this event also presents different MSME & # 39; s and culinary richnesses of the Island of the Gods.

"The festival has to be kept upside down.Although it is only the second year, several positive results have been achieved.This MURI album is clearly proud because it raises the value event and Tanah Lot itself. is also positive, we are optimistic that people there will be more prosperous, "Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya concluded. (lis / ags)

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