With regard to the transfer of high-level officials to the national police, the chief of the national police appoints the form of the regeneration process

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – On Monday, August 8, 2018, the Indonesian Chief of Police (Kapolri), General Tito, opened and testified the transfer of the positions of six regional chiefs of police and the head of the Indonesian police force Propam at the headquarters of the national police.

Tito said that the change process was a regeneration process in the internal environment of the National Police.

"This is a form of regeneration process within the National Police that should have happened," said Tito after the inauguration of a senior official at Rupatama Mabes Polri, South Jakarta.

Tito said the mutation process was also motivated by several key officials of the National Police who had retired.

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It is known, former deputy head of the police Komjen (Ret.) Syafruddin who currently serves as minister of PAN-RB proposed early retirement at the National Police.

"This was caused by the existence of an important official who retired, Pak Wakapolri, ex-ja.Pack Syafruddin, early retirement then served as MenPAN-RB.This is automatic where the National Police, this train can be long because the second person in the National Police, "said Tito.

Tito also added that former East Java police chief Inspector General Machfud Arifin and the former Riau police commander would also be retiring next month.

"In the same way, Riau police chief, Pak Nandang, who will soon retire," said Tito.

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The former provincial chief commissioner for the period 2012-2014 said that it was normal for the National Police to rotate a number of functions so that the regeneration process and the succession of managers could take place in the National Police.

"The organization the size of the National Police has a mechanism for regeneration, a more junior position change starts to rise again, we see here that there is a class 86, class 87, class 88, class 89. Even the most junior class 93. Banten Police Chief, Teddy (Brigadier General (Pol) Teddy Minahasa Putra), "said Tito.

On the other hand, Tito said, the selection of new officers at the National Police had the mechanism of the High Rank and Position Council (Wanjakti), the high policy council and the final decision to have been with the National Police.

Tito is certain that the officials appointed in this new position have good competence and competence.

"I believe these appointed officers are in positions of competence and ability and integrity that are very good," said Tito.

Initiate official

Some policemen who were appointed were Inspector General Martuani Sormin as Papuan police commander, Brigadier General Teddy Minahasa, police commander of Banten, Brigadier General Purwadi Arianto as Chief Lampung.

Then Inspector General Andap Budhi Revianto became the regional chief of the Riau Islands, Brigadier General Widodo Eko Prihastopo as Chief of the Riau Police and Brigadier General Agus Andrianto who served as North Sumatra Regional Police Chief.

The head of the police also opened Brigadier General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo as head of the Indonesian Police Propam Division.

Subsequently Brigadier General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo, who previously served as Banten Police Chief, was appointed Head of the Propam Division to replace Inspector General Martuani Sormin.

Listyo's position as police commander of Banten was replaced by General Brigadier General Teddy Minahasa Putra.

Brigadier General Purwadi Arianto, who previously served as deputy head of the regional police of Metro Jaya, was appointed as Lampung's chief commissioner to replace inspector Suntana, who was transferred to deputy head of the intelligence and security agency of the national police.

Inspector General Andap Budhi Revianto was then appointed regional chief of the Riau Islands to replace Inspector General Didid Widjanardi, who was transferred as the main Sesya lector of the National Police Education and Training Office.

Brigadier General Widodo Eko Prihastopo, who previously served as deputy head of the regional police of East Java, was promoted as Chief of the Riau Police in replacement of Inspector General Nandang, who was assigned to the State Intelligence Agency.

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