Zamzam Water, Makkah, Torah: When the Tagar participates in a pilgrimage?

Last Thursday evening, before midnight, a message was sent from Republika Journalist Fitriyan Zamzami, who was in Saudi Arabia to arrange the execution of the Hajj. The content is short and surprising. So then I call. He said, "Bro, there's news about cardboard photos with Zamzam water with the inscription # 2019. It should be a viral president on social media, faster, yes, the other will start."

My mind was disturbed and my head shook my head. Moreover, it was previously known that there was a picture of the hashtag with a hashtag, and that there was also a flag-like banner with this hashtag, to see when a group of pilgrims went on foot to throw a mate at Mina. The content of the news is this:

Viral images circulated on social media about the distribution of Zamzam packages stuck with stickers with the text "# 2019 Change Presidential" at King Abdulaziz Airport Jeddah.

According to the head of the PPIH Airport Manpower Saudi Arabia Arsyad Hidayat, the regular Indonesian pilgrims Zamzam were not allowed to take water on their own flights back to Indonesia. Likewise with special pilgrims facilitated by Special Hajj Providers (PIHK).

The procedure is for Indonesian pilgrims such as Garuda Indonesia Airlines and Saudia Airlines to buy Zamzam packages for each pilgrim and clerk. The packages are then sent first to the country with flights without passengers.

Later, the packaging with five liters of Zamzam water will be distributed to believers in the country. "So the pilgrims must not take Zamzam from Saudi," he said at Jeddah Airport, Thursday (8/30).

According to the regulation, Indonesian quota pilgrims departing from Hajj airport in Jeddah can not receive zamzam packages at the airport. Until Thursday, there was indeed no zamzam distribution at the Hajj terminal.

Another story at the King Abdulaziz Airport International Terminal, located about a kilometer south of the Haji Terminal. "So based on information from the PIHK Supervision Division there is indeed a division for Furodah worshipers," Arsyad said.

Furodah Jamaah are pilgrims who go to the Holy Land without going through official procedures served by the government. They usually register with agents in the country who then arrange their own visa for the Saudi embassy and offer accommodation in the Holy Land. Unlike regular worshipers, Haji Furodah leaves for Indonesia via the Jeddah International Airport Terminal. "So the case turned out to be on Monday (27/8), maybe this is the initiative of agents selling stickers," Arsyad said.

The international terminal is not the territory of the authority of the PPIH airport of Saudi Arabia. The reason is that all regular worshipers in the quota do not pass through the terminal or go home. In this respect, there were no officers from Daker airport stationed at the terminal.

PIHK & # 39; s head of oversight in PPIH Saudi Arabia, Mulyo Widodo, said that his party initially received information about the distribution of the zamzam berstiker package from one of the Furodah pilgrims. After there was information, the officer immediately searched for information in the field. "And after we've found it, it's really true," Mulyo said in Jeddah.

The distribution was carried out at the International Terminal to Furodah pilgrims by someone who transported Zamzam packages using a trolley. The zamzam package that is distributed is the same as that normally sold at the airports in Medina and Jeddah.

The five liters of Zamzam were put in a plastic container and again wrapped in a white cardboard with the official seal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and valued at 7.5 Saudi Arabian riyals. Pilgrims from other countries or non-pilgrim pilgrims can purchase a maximum of two packages to bring to their respective countries. While you can still buy regular Indonesian quota pilgrims, but it is useless because later the aviation officer will be asked to leave the goods at the airport.

The packages are known to have a sticker with the text "# 2019 President change" on the side. Presumably the perpetrator buys the package first from the seller at the airport and sticks it himself.

Mulyo said when they were visited by officers, the division was completed and the pilgrims whom Zamzam received had already deviated from regular non-pilgrim flights in groups that did not belong to a special Hajj group. Therefore he could no longer find out details about the distribution. "The number is valid, we do not know how much, and whoever is the one who has not found it yet," he said.

He emphasized that Furodah pilgrims are beyond the regulation of the Indonesian Hajj government. "So enforcement is beyond our control," he said.

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