Zumi Zola shopping list Reportedly paid using tipping fees

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Acting governor of Jambi Zumi Zola is suspected of receiving tips from various infrastructure project partners and advisors in the provincial government of Jambi. Zumi would have used the tip to finance the personal needs of him and his family.

This was stated by the prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in the indictment against Zumi Zola who was read in the Jakarta Corruption Court, Thursday (23-08-2018).

According to public prosecutors, receiving tips of more than Rp received 40 billion, 177,000 US dollars and 100,000 Singapore dollars.

Furthermore, Zumi is suspected of having received one copy of the Toyota Alphard.

The following are Zumi's personal interests, which are allegedly financed by means of bonus money:

1. An amount of Rp 500 million to help Zumi pay for the separate ceremony to welcome Muspida in May 2016.

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2. Rp156 million to buy 10 sacrificial animals on behalf of Zumi on Eid al-Adha, September 2016.

3. Cash of Rp 300 million on the account of the Umrah travel agency at Bank Mandiri. The money is for Zumi & # 39; s umroh and family expenses.

4. Zumi, through his assistant Apif Firmansyah, asked Arfan as acting head of the Public Works and Public Housing Office to pay the closing fee for the clothes that would be used for the inauguration on 12 February 2016 with a total of Rp48 million. Payment is made to the Rekhas Tailor at Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor Jakarta.

5. Arfan was asked to pay a rent in the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta for Rp20 million at the KAHA office in Mangga Besar, Jakarta.

6. 30,000 US dollars to finance Zumi's needs during a visit to the United States.

7. Pay the Rp. 52 million promotional prices that Zumi Zola ordered in 2016. Payment by transferring to a seller in Singapore.

8. Pay orders for 9 Marvel action figure statues from Singapore for 6,150 Singapore dollars.

9. 16 items pay for the order Zumi Zola at XM Studios for 5,600 Singapore dollars, in cash.

10. Rp 250 million to pay for the "Open Together" event organizer (EO) service at Al Falah Great Mosque held by Zumi.

11. Rp 600 million for the DPRD members in the province of Jambi, so that the Zumi Accountability Report (LPJ) as the governor of Jambi is acceptable.

12. Rp 50 million for the purchase of livestock as part of the Zumi event in Tanjung Jabung Regency.

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13. Rp 500 million to lobby officials in Jakarta to request the Jambi Province Special Allocation Fund (DAK).

14. A sum of 106,000 Singapore dollars was transferred to Budi Nurahman as head of the SDA section of the PUPR office. The goal was to lobby for Harun to become the head of the Region Office of the river VI Jambi.

15. Purchase of one Toyota Alfard car purchased from Toyota WIJAYA dealer in Bandung.

16. Rp. 400 million to buy sacrificial animals in the name of Zumi no less than 25.

17. Operating costs of Rp. 1 billion.

18. Pay for the purchase of Zumi Zola clothing at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta for an amount of Rp 50 million.

19. Buy a wallet and belt worth Rp. 40 million.

Compass TV Prosecutors have discussed Zumi & # 39; s bonus case with a number of other persons.

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