More farmers' organizations join IFA in the boycott of Beef Forum

It is also clear that ICMSA will not pass IFA picked. IFA has plans to lead a protest of farmers outside the Wednesday meeting and will not participate in the forum.

The solution to the problem, ICSA chairman Patrick Kent, said: "Sharp prices week after week is a disgrace, it shows complete contempt for farmers and is especially glaring when many are on their knees because of the increased costs.

"There's no point in attending a roundtable discussion when factories are present in bad faith."

Attempts at the factories to cut beef prices by another 5c / kg last week to 370c / kg for oxen and 380c / kg for heifers have triggered a violent response from IFA.

"It is a scandal, as the meat factories have systematically lowered cattle prices here, which means that prices have fallen well below production costs and have suffered large losses at suppliers of agricultural products," says IFA cattle farmer, Angus Woods.

Branch sources said that the factory cutlets were not strictly enforced, and most cattle were still bought at last week's rates of 375c / kg and 385c / kg respectively for ox and heifers.

But with last week's killing on more than 38,000, the finishers predicted that the total murder could exceed the 40,000th threshold in the coming weeks, paving the way for further price reductions. Since mid-August, the factories have quotes with 20c / kg or the equivalent of € 70-80 / hd.

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