& # 39; I saw the flames and then we walked & # 39; – Fair City actor on the run from devastating California wildfire

Victor Burke
Victor Burke

Fair City actor Victor Burke told about the devastating effects of a forest fire in Malibu, California, where he lived for three years with his wife and two children.

The actor flies back and forth from the United States every month to film for the RTÉ soap and to keep track of his other obligations he has in Ireland.

He said that the affected area looked like a nuclear bomb & # 39; that exploded.

Ray told Ray D & # 39; Arcy on RTÉ Radio One and explained the frightening ordeal that he would flee his home with his family and their dog in a truck he had hired last weekend for a planned family visit to Utah.

He said he just photos & # 39; s and & # 39; a few bits and bobs & # 39; from the house had managed to get hold before he hit the road and now stayed with his family in a hotel.

Victor explained that the flames on one side of the Pacific Coast Highway near his house were burning, while the coast was on the other side of him when he brought his family to safety.

"Burning embers went by, it became very bad," he said.

At first Victor tried to stay calm when friends hit the door of the door on Friday morning at 5.30 am to tell them that there was a mandatory evacuation.

"I thought they were all exaggerated until I saw the flames coming over the mountain – and then we ran, it was pretty extreme, the flames were huge, the mountains were pretty high, and the flames were far above the mountain, so we ran and we arrived at the PCH, the road that runs along the coast, "he said.

"Everyone was heading south to the Santa Monica area, but there was a traffic jam so we headed north."

When he returned to the area with a friend two days ago, Victor was shocked by the sight of a scorched community he now calls home. He said it was fortunate that more people did not lose their lives.

The fire is now the deadliest in the history of California with the death toll now at 44.

"It's like an atomic bomb goes off – it's incredible," he told Ray.

"I do not know what's left, there are still a few houses left.

"I went back inside with a friend of mine who went inside to save animals," he added.

"There were about six blocks to the police, I have so many friends that everything is gone, my daughter said that half of her class had lost their house."

Victor also drove past the burnt frame of his own house, unable to stop because of the heavy presence of the police.

"My friend showed me a picture of it, a helicopter dropped water on it, it was pretty extreme.

"There is a structure there – a part of a structure – the back is completely burned."

"I am surprised that there are no more deaths, I drove past high school and there is nothing up there, there are no houses."

Victor said he and his wife should figure out a plan of action on where they will live before returning to Ireland in a few weeks.

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