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Bone fragments and hair clip in the tank

A garda scenes from a crime officer have told a jury at the Central Criminal Court that bone fragments, buttons and a hair clip were in items in an underground tank where the body of DJ Bobby Ryan was found.

Gardaí who recovered items from the scene, gave evidence in the lawsuit against Patrick Quirke of Breanshamore, Co. Tipperary accused of murdering Mr Ryan, a part-time DJ known as Mr. Moonlight.

Mr. Quirke has not pleaded guilty to the murder of Ryan in an unknown location on a date between June 3, 2011 and April 30, 2013.

Ryan's body was discovered by Mr. Quirke on a farm in Fawnagowan, Tipperary.

Garda Gerard Canty told the court that he was helping to gather evidence of the site of the recovery of the body including the fluid removed from the tank.

He took photos of objects recovered from the tank, including bone fragments and a hair clip.

During the cross-examination he said that he was not surprised and that no other garda challenged him that the hair clip of a woman had been removed from the tank.

He agreed that the photo 's of the items were given to the exhibition officer only five and a half years after they had been taken. He had not made a statement until November last year.

He also agreed that there was nothing in his notes or statement about a hair clip.

However, he said that the evidence bag with the items was given to the exhibits officer and that the contents were visible when the bag was new.

He agreed that the contents of the bag were not written on the bag.

Defense lawyer Lorcan Staines asked if he could explain why the exhibition card for that bag that was revealed to the defense did not mention a hair clip, but mentioned other items such as cable ties, hoses and a pipe cover.

Garda John Kavanagh, who photographed in the photograph, said that he could not remember that the concrete slab and the material in the tank fell on the remains of Mr. Ryan.

It was suggested to him by counsel that this was "the most remarkable event of the whole day" while attempts were being made to preserve a crime scene. Garda Kavanagh said he could not remember.

A part of Bobby Ryan's family, who was in court, left in a state of emergency after a photo of his remains in the tank appeared in front of the court on a screen.

It happened when Garda Kavanagh was taken by the photo 's he had taken on the day.

Garda Sharon Langan was part of a team of the national unit for the crime scene of Garda who attended the farm on the day that the body of Bobby Ryan was found.

She told the court that the body had been removed from the tank and packed before being placed in a body bag.

She also attended the postmortem the next day and received samples from the pathologist who had been removed from Mr Ryan's body.

These include a watch, tissue samples, bone marrow, hair and a maggot.

Garda Langan agreed with lawyer Lorcan Staines that it was a good practice to leave a body on site until all the experts were present.

She said that this was an "ideal scenario" when all experts would be available, which was not always the case.

She said that she did not hear any discussion during the day about waiting for the pathologist or staff of the forensic science laboratory to arrive.

She did not consult with the pathologist when she attended the post mortem, why he had not been there the day before.

Asked by prosecutor Michael Bowman to prosecute if there was any reason that it would not be appropriate for personnel to deal with a body on the spot, Garda Langan said that if there were health and safety issues it would not be appropriate.

The jury has already heard that the body of Bobby Ryan has been recovered from an underground tank by members of the fire brigade.

Garda Langan did not remember that the concrete slab shattered or broken when it was removed from the tank with a mini-excavator.

Asked by the counselor why she would not remember such an important event, she answered: "I'm sorry, but I really do not."

She said that she and her team had wrapped the body before it was placed in a body bag, but she could not remember that one of the deceased's arms broke loose.

Garda Langan also said that she had examined Bobby Ryan's van and taken samples of it in 2013. She agreed that this was more than 22 months after he was missing.

Defense commissioner Lorcan Staines said in the meantime that the van was used for a TV reconstruction and was also sent back to the son of Bobby Ryan.

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