First 4 figures with a beautiful Conker & # 39; s Bad Fur Day & # 39; statue, but prepare your wallet

First 4 Figures start 2019 immediately offering one of the most iconic gaming statues to date, but you might want to start by reserving a good budget, because it will not be cheap.


On the weekend, the team introduced a new one Conker & # 39; s bad coat day collectible statue, based on the popular, by Rare produced Nintendo 64 and original Xbox game with the same name. The statue shows our favorite troublesome squirrel sitting on top of a throne of luxury size, wearing a crown and showing a terribly mean look while holding a glass of milk. As you can see, the image set is impeccably detailed; and will easily sit on top of your game setup as you play Conker and other rare classics.

Pre-orders for the Conker images, available in Standard, Exclusive and Final versions, open on January 4th. You can reserve the standard here; go after the exclusive; or go all-out for the final version here.

Here are how the details are broken down for each edition:

Size of the statue

  • Height – 16.5 inches (42cm)
  • Width – 46 cm (46 cm)
  • Depth – 14 inches (36 cm)
  • Weight – 12.57 KG

Standard edition:

  • Conker: Conkers Bad Fur Day – statue of Conker HARS
  • A glass of milk
  • A classic golden crown for Conker the king
  • Exquisite Conker on Throne inspired by the game
  • Authentication card

Exclusive edition:

As above, but also comes with a commemorative metal coin

Final edition:

Everything mentioned above plus:

  • A richly decorated modern golden crown
  • A silver goblet of milk
  • A footstool with a throne of Bejeweled
  • A very detailed Dais on which the throne is placed

However, you must prepare your portfolio for this addition to your collection. These are the first 4 figures we are talking about, and they put a large number of unrivaled efforts into their game designs. The Conker images will cost you a pretty penny.

Both the standard and exclusive editions go for $ 429.99 each; while the Final brings you back $ 549.99 with its golden crown. Payment plans are available if you want to take that route, but keep in mind that they will not be shipped until 2019.

The video with the creation of the Conker statue can be seen below. It offers a beautiful rendition of the hero of the old school. But we get it completely when it is not in everyone's budget range.

If you're looking for great collectibles, or if you want to celebrate all things Conker (and your precious copy in box of Bad coat day on N64 is not enough) then this is definitely the statue for you. First 4 Figures does a great job, and lets us wish that we had deeper budgets. This would be so good for our gaming desks …

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