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Harris appoints the board to deal with & # 39; rogue & # 39; therapists, counselors

Minister of Health Simon Harris has appointed thirteen members of the Advisory Board and psychotherapists.

This new board will try to protect the public by ensuring high standards of professional behavior, training, training and competence with counselors and psychotherapists – including counselors working for & # 39; rogue & # 39; crisis pregnancy agencies.

Last month, a woman who had a medical abortion was later contacted by someone who used a phone number that was linked to a & # 39; abortion counseling service & # 39; for which the HSE had warned.

Mr Harris said it was important that this area be regulated to ensure adequate monitoring of the profession and to ensure that users are protected.

"It is imperative that users can have confidence in the service they receive, and we have seen the impact of fraudulent operations in undermining the belief in the profession," he said.

The board has the task of advising the minister on which professional titles should be legally protected.

After the board has opened the register, existing and new practitioners will ask to sign up.

If a person does not meet the required standards, they can not register with the Health and Social Care Professionals Council (Coru).

It will be an offense punishable by a class A fine or imprisonment of up to six months, for a person who is not registered to use one of the protected titles, such as a "counselor" or a "psychotherapist".

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