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Khloe Kardashian & # 39; SPLITS & # 39; from Tristan Thompson 10 months after a false scandal

Khloe Kardashian split ten months after his false scandal from partner Tristan Thompson.

According to Radar Online, several sources in the neighborhood say that they live a separate life and that Khloe & # 39; much happier & # 39; is as a single mother.

When Khloe was heavily pregnant with daughter True last year, basketball star Tristan was accused of doing business with several women.

An insider told Radar that Khloe had become suspect. Tristan had cheated again during the Christmas holidays while staying with her family in Los Angeles.

Khloe and daughter True Thompson at the annual Kardashian Christmas party – for which Tristan was absent

Khloe had decided to forgive Tristan after his false scandal

On Valentine's Day, Khloe revealed that she had received a huge bouquet of red and pink roses from her Tristan.

As he uploaded an image of the floral display in the shape of a heart, Khloe wrote next to it: "Dad and baby, where."

Although later in the evening, Khloe appeared in a less romantic mood as she began to post a large number of cryptic quotes.

khloe reinstated the gift of her Valentine's Day from Tristan the next day, but without the caption

When Valentine's Day came to an end, Khloe began to share a series of cryptic quotations about love

Some of her messages gave rise to concern about her online imitation

"Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul," someone said.

Another read: "She is a mess, but she is a masterpiece."

A day later, Khloe returned to Instagram and posted a picture of Tristan's gift to her again, but this time she removed the caption.

The couple had spent their romantic holidays separately, with Khloe in Los Angeles with her family, while Tristan in Ohio is busy playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Khloe and daughter True have moved to Los Angeles while Tristan is staying in Cleveland

Khloe's sister Kim made no secret of her anger towards Tristan

In the past, Khloe has fiercely defended her long-distance relationship with Tristan.

After Tristan had spent Thanksgiving away from his girlfriend and daughter, Khloe launched a furious Twitter rant.

"You are reaching out now, I spent the last 3 years in Cleveland for Thanksgiving, not sure why people are trying to create drama between my family and me."

Tristan was also absent on Christmas Day, although he was scheduled to play in a Boxing Day match for the Cavaliers.

The news of a split comes after a challenging year for Khloe.

Khloe began working shortly after the news about Tristan's false scandal broke

Just a few days before she welcomed her first baby photo, she popped up on Tristan and went back to a hotel in New York with another woman.

But after they appeared shortly after the emergence of the bomb, Khloe got the idea to leave Tristan in the delivery room when he gave birth and eventually decided to forgive him.

She said, "He is obviously bred, major, but I'm not sure how I feel about everything now," she added. "In two weeks I could think:" You know what, I donate "I trust you and this is not for me." Or I could say, "This is perfect, let's continue."

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