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Red Hook Studios announces Darkest Dungeon 2

Red Hook Studios has released a short trailer announcing a sequel Darkest dungeon, the brutal gothic horror role-playing game of 2016. In Darkest dungeon, players assume the role of someone coming home to claim their estate from a mysterious ancestor. By hiring renters and heroes, the player can dig through those darkest dungeons and eventually unravel the mystery behind their homecoming. Red Hook has released two expansion packs for Darkest dungeon: The Crimson Court and The Color of Madness.

Darkest dungeon 2, however, will be a full-fledged sequel. Red Hook Studios has shared some details about what we can expect from the game with PC Gamer, and says that the fight will have the same format, but will be "tuned". The metagame will be "completely different"; we leave the village and we can expect that traveling through icy passes requires a different type of management.

This new location seems indeed very dangerous, because we go to a place called The Howling End. There are familiar silhouettes (the Grave Robber, Man-at-Arms, Highwayman, Hellion, Leper and Plague Doctor) that see the torches burning, suggesting that the character classes from the first game will make a return so you can send them in the abyss for gold and equipment one more time. The original Darkest dungeon have in the course of time released new character classes as DLC, such as the Arbalest and the Houndmaster.

The iconic Ancestor also appears to tell the trailer, which is a fantastic recording because its lines were some of the best parts of the original Darkest dungeon.

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