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Rumor: PS5 specifications stated based on "Sony Meeting"

Just a few weeks ago, Sony started the game world from the left by dropping the first information about the PS5 (PlayStation 5). Although there has been nothing concrete since, which is understandable, a new report is circulating.

Transferring to the PS5 subreddit (yes, there is already one), a user named 17791 has placed an alleged PS5 list of specifications based on what he said of a Sony meeting attending his friend, immediately after the PS5 interview with Mark was Cerny has been published. Just as we don't muddle anything, here is the full message (and remember that NOTHING has been verified here):

Well, a good friend of mine was at a Sony meeting because of the nature of his work.

The meeting took place the day after the PS5 article appeared. He sent me some information about what was mentioned in this meeting and gave me the green light to say some of the things that were mentioned:

8 core Zen 2, clocked at 3.2 GHz.

Custom Navi GPU, 56CU, 1.8Ghz, 12.9TF. RT is based on hardware and has been developed by AMD and Sony. (They believe the RT hardware is the basis for the rumor that Navi was built for Sony)

24 GB RAM (Type or bandwidth was not specified)

Tailor-made Solid State solution combined with HDD.

No PSVR 2. Not at all.

PS4 native backwards compatibility, the Boost mode that is being worked on. No mention of improved titles. PS3 BC will continue to be part of PS Now in the near future.

It may not be as powerful as some may think, Sony says they want a balanced machine that is powerful with limited potential for bottlenecks. My friend also said that Sony wants to position itself as a premium brand from recently and this will be the focus of message traffic.

This person, who says he will not answer any questions because he posted the information using a disposable account, has even posted an image of the event room where this alleged meeting took place:

ps5 specs

Reddit user 17791 posted another screenshot of the meeting and Reddit user HAHMBFGamer pointed out that if you zoom in on red lanyards, you can see "Sony" while the photo was taken the day after the PS5 interview with Mark Cerny went live.

If these stated PS5 specifications are true, this should be a powerhouse of a console, wouldn't it? Keep in mind – and it repeats – that none of the aforementioned information has been verified. We have contacted Sony about this story and will update the message if and when we receive a response.

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