The EU and UK agree to a withdrawal agreement

The EU and the UK have agreed on a draft agreement for the withdrawal of the Brexit, including a mechanism to ensure that there will be no hard line on the island of Ireland.

The Irish Times understands that the agreement, which runs to hundreds of pages, includes a backstop for the entire US with provisions for additional alignment with EU rules in Northern Ireland.

The breakthrough came with an agreement on an assessment mechanism that would determine when the backstop is no longer needed to ensure that the border remains open after the Brexit.

The backstop is an insurance policy written in the withdrawal contract that does not guarantee a harder limit on the island of Ireland. It would only be used as a last resort or standard option if the EU and the UK can not achieve an umbrella free trade agreement that makes trading so frictionless that there is no border between the EU and the UK, including on the border between Northern Ireland and the UK. the Republic.

The appointment about the future backstop was first reported by The Irish Times last week.

Downing Street did not offer details of the draft agreement and officials in Brussels and Dublin also refused to comment.

"The cabinet will meet tomorrow at 2.00 pm to discuss the draft agreement reached by the negotiating teams in Brussels and to decide on the next steps," said a Downing Street spokesperson. "Cabinet ministers are invited to read the documentation prior to that meeting."

A number of Mrs. May's ministers left for the Downing Street 10 tonight. They have all refused so far to answer questions from reporters when they left.

EU head Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has informed the European Commissioners of the new agreement on Tuesday afternoon.

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