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The Premier League needs a kn * bhead manager quota

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The Premier League needs more kn * bhead managers
Klopp, Pep, Poch, Ole, Emery, Ranieri, Dyche, Howe, Puel, Benitez, Hughton, Hodgson, Pellegrini etc. How come almost all Premier League managers seem to be really nice guys? Where are all button heads? They are an essential part of the game. We will certainly not miss Jose's football, but perhaps the Premier League has lost that extra bit of drama. He called Benitez-vet, Wenger a specialist in failed and took the p *** out of Conte's hair. I can not help but feel that the title race would be better if Klopp came out and said "catch us if you can Pep you baldy b * stard." Maybe we should have a quota of kn * bhead managers to keep things interesting. Big Sam would undoubtedly be on board.
Jimmy, MUFC (Hopefully John Terry gets Chelsea's job after Sarri has left – that would be a start)

Stadsfan does his work-out …
Your supercomputer bit in Mediawatch asked me to view the run-in for the top three teams. First time, I scrawled W / L / D next to each fixture, simply on the first instinct of which I walked up. I was shocked at how grim this will be in the area. A little more thoughtful about each game afterwards has not really changed his mind, apart from perhaps a fixture for every club. It is clear that you can not take into account changes of managers, injuries or massive on-pitch decisions (well, without & # 39; wibble & # 39;), so I worked on only two basic principles. First, that home advantage will (usually) be king. Second, that Spurs has the misfortune of having four London Derbies pop up and with all the extra baggage they can bring.

For what it is worth, my predictions are as follows:


24 Feb Male Utd (a) – D
27 Feb Watford (h) – W
3 Mar Everton (a) – W
10 Mar Burnley (h) – W
17 March Fulham (a) – W
31 Mar Tottenham (h) – D
6 Apr Southampton (a) – W
April 13 Chelsea (h) – W
20 Apr Cardiff (a) – W
27 Apr Huddersfield (h) – W
May 4 Newcastle (a) – D
May 12 Wolves (h) – W

Manchester City

27 Feb West Ham (h) – W
2 Mar Bournemouth (a) – W
March 9 Watford (h) – W
16 March Man Utd (a) – D
30 March Fulham (a) – W
6 Apr Cardiff (h) – W
April 13 Crystal Palace (a) – D
20 Apr Tottenham (h) – W
27 Apr Burnley (a) – W
May 4 Leicester (h) – W
12 May Brighton (a) – W


23 Feb Burnley (a) – W
February 27 Chelsea (a) – D
2 Mar Arsenal (h) – D
9 Mar Southampton (a) – W
Mar 17 Crystal Palace (h) – W
31 Mar Liverpool (a) – D
6 Apr Brighton (h) – W
13 Apr Huddersfield (h) – W
20 Apr Man City (a) – L
27 Apr West Ham (h) – W
4 May Bournemouth (a) – W
12 May Everton (h) – W

Which ends as Liverpool 30 points, City 29 and Spurs 28 and with that the last 1st 2nd and 3rd PL places.

Sh * t.
Mark (Never wanted United to win a game more in my life) MCFC

Oh and …
The supercomputer referenced by the Mirror is not super if they think Man Utd fans will be happy with a prediction that Liverpool wins the competition.

I do not take CL for a year, as long as Liverpool does not win the competition.

Champions League predictions ahoy
Now City Chelsea gives the bagel treatment in tennis, together we can focus our attention again on Europe's elite club competition.

Last season I got a lot of criticism of my analysis that the CL DNA of Liverpool would put them in favor of the then dominant champion, Manchester City. In the end I was proven correct. Let's see how I'm going to ride this season!

With the second leg in the mostly hostile Estadio Dragao, I feel that Porto should have enough over two legs to defeat Roma. The champions of Portugal, who had surpassed their group unbeaten, should have enough quality against a toiling Roma side shaved by another Liverpool elite player. Undoubtedly, the winner of this draw will be regarded as the weakest team in the last eight, which is not respected to the highest degree – but I will save that email for another time.

Pre-Solskjaer and Neymar's metatarsal made him a crybaby on his birthday, PSG were my heavy favorites. By combining the probable absence of Cavani for the first leg, I am currently supporting United to continue to the last eight. I do not believe that they will leave Paris with a victory, but I think that they will give the runaway of the French champions enough trouble with OT to leave themselves with enough leeway to keep a loss in Paris, but still make general progress.

Four times European champion, Ajax Amsterdam, has so far proven itself as the surprise package after having smoked Bayern on the Allianz – making Thomas Müller his best imitation of the Bundesliga logo in the return journey in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, in spite of Real's relative misery in La Liga, they are now second and have just made an important victory at the Wanda in time for their return to the tournament they have. They will probably play badly, and have countless moments when Ajax could have won the draw and probably should have won, but in the end Real will continue. Only the elite of Europe has won a single draw against Real in the last three seasons (Bayern and Juve) in the knockout phase and I can not see that Ajax is changing this season.

Jadon Sancho & # 39; s Dortmund run the Bundesliga away in a fantastic season. Tracks are shaved off from their world-class class and are constantly busy with bottling & # 39; of big moments – so this must be academic, right? I'm not entirely sure – Bayern's remarkable fall of grace under Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Kovac is his doppelganger) has led to Dortmund having seen no one in his own country this season that I would put on the same level as Spurs. , less Liverpool would speak or City. With Kane back within two weeks, and Dortmund's tendency to achieve goals, I support Spurs to move forward in goals scored by one Harry Kane in Dortmund.


Are Arsenal really quiet?
After reading another article about how Arsenal & # 39; has stood still & # 39; under EmeryI thought I would do some research on it. The findings were interesting to say the least, and confirmed only this nagging feeling I had, that Arsenal would have lost some of the games they won and / or won last year.

So I have compared the league games of this year with the direct matches of last season to see what jumped out. I ignored the matches against newly promoted clubs. This is what I found:

Of the 21 games played, Arsenal has earned fewer points in four of these games.
* Drew with Chelsea 0-0 last year, lost this year 3-2. (-1)
* Beat Palace last year with 3-2, drew this year 2-2 (-2)
* Drew with Saints last year 1-1, lost this year 3-2 (-1)
* Drew with West Ham lost 0-0 last year, this year 1-0 (-1)

Of the 21 games played, Arsenal has gained more points in five games.
* Lost last year with Newcastle 2-1, she beat this year with 2-1 (+3)
* Lost 2-1 against Bournemouth last year, defeated 2-1 (+3) this year
* Lost to Man United last year 2-1, this year 2-2 with them (+1)
* Lost to Brighton last year with 2-1, 1-1 came this year (+1)
* Drew with Chelsea last year with 2-2, she beats this year with 2-0 (+2)

In addition:

Each of the games where Arsenal earned less, achieved less with one goal.
Three of the games where Arsenal gained more, they achieved more by a swing of two goals, with two games on one goal.
Arsenal is not lost for a team that they defeated last year.
In the corresponding games this season, Arsenal gained a total of five points, but scored five fewer goals and got exactly the same number of goals (31)

There were four matches where Arsenal scored the same points that were loss or draw this year and last year. Each of these games was against Liverpool or Manchester City.
17/18, scored 4, admitted 12, 1 point
18/19, scored 3, admitted 11, 1 point

Of the matches where Arsenal won the same points and won this year and last year (8 games):
17/18, scored 29, admitted 5
18/19, scored 20, admitted 6

So all in all a bit of a mixed bag. That said, in a competition in which others have clearly improved and improved Arsenal, there is clearly an argument for progress where, in fact, no progress could be expected. This is really the most important point. How much progress would Arsenal really have expected under the background of a new manager, in a new league, against perhaps two of the best teams in Europe at the moment? Add in the mix the troubled boardroom and the structural element, I think it is five points better than last year, and to lose only slightly more points than last year in four corresponding matches, is more than a reasonable return. If we even matched the result in one of those four games where we had gained fewer points, I would say that the argument that progress has been made is indisputable. As you were.
Rob Stewart, Carshalton

Arsenal called Ramsey
Nowadays it seems that all former football players of 1990 are so desperate for money that they have become the Donald Trump of experts. The Ramsey situation is an example of this. Merson, Wright and Sutton all seem to sing the same songbook that the way Arsenal dealt with the Ramsey situation was criminal or stupid. If only the financial decisions of Arsenal can be taken by these smart entrepreneurs.

Ramsey, although a quality player was never an arsenal pillar, he always struggled to maintain form and condition. In 11 seasons he has only managed to play 25 or more league matches in four seasons, which means he only has to double once in terms of ligation goals. This is not Frank Lampard. Ramsey is part of the much hyped but ultimately overestimated core group of British Arsenal players, including Gibbs, Ox, Walcott and Wilshere who have all left Arsenal to continue their flaky, unsatisfactory career.

Ramsey was about £ 110k a week, even if he was worth it. What did he do to earn a wage increase? When during his inconsistent injury career did Arsenal tend to sign a player who is based on his physical characteristics for a long-term contract with which he could become the 30? Probably Ramsey wanted to double his wages, so it would cost £ 11 million a year, for five years and then with £ 3 £ 5 million on a fee basis, I suppose compensation for an agent. Let's say that two years ago, we contracted Ramsey for a new contract that lasted five years (ie another three years when it turns 31 and goes past its peak and has little or no resale value at all la Fabregas). That would have cost Arsenal £ 11 million more for the last two years (when we paid him "only" £ 110k per week) and £ 33m for the next three years. Add brokerage fees and signing fees and this and keeping Ramsey for the next three years would have cost Arsenal £ 50 million. Based on the last three seasons that gave us an extra 60 foreign league matches, Ramsey would have cost almost a £ 1 million per game.

It would have been good to register him two years ago, pay the extra £ 11 million plus signing the fee and agency fees (hence probably about £ 20 million) if we could now sell him for £ 50 million. But would Juve, Barca and PSG be interested in Ramsey for £ 50 million? Were they interested in Ox for £ 30m or Walcott for £ 20m? No. And they would not have been interested in the 28-year-old, 20 games per season Ramsey for £ 50 million. In fact, we would probably have received £ 20 – £ 30 million, as we did with Ox and Walcott, so in reality probably even broken.

Putting Ramsey on a bump package two years ago would also have destabilized the team and mean that other non-star teams would want £ 11 million a year. We have all seen what the Ozil contract has done.

So I just wanted to close thanks to Ramsey for your work and dedication, I wish you all the best in Juve and you played a blinder to get that gigantic deal. But for those who criticize Arsenal, look at the above figures and realize that leaving Ramsey for free is not the end of the world, we could have sold him £ 20 million last summer, but in the current market that would not get you a lot and who has to say that Arsenal did not try to beat him last summer, only they could not find any senders …

Not to say that it is much, but not the end of the world.
Paul K, London

… Whatever salary you believe, that is a publication of Juventus, by most players a player who has not lived up to the previous hype.

The revenue of Juventus is roughly 60% of that of Man United. (Goal.com/BBC).

Success to Aaron Ramsey, another example of British players who have the balls / gumption to conduct their overseas trade. Indeed, another sign that the days of Italy that it is the second best for Spain and England, is coming to an end.

Forza Italia, as my cockney / Italian sister will scream. A bit funny, because she is a Spurs fan.
Ged Biglin

On Wolves v Newcastle
I suppose he can apologize to a certain degree of bitterness if his team gives up a 95th minute equalizer, but as someone who was actually in the game and might have seen a few things that were not taken by the cameras. picked up, suggest he looks at himself and his team before he goes to Wolves and the referees.

As soon as Newcastle took the lead, it was clear that the & # 39; game management & # 39; would start, but unusually the referee seemed wise. He warned Dubravka at least twice about the time he took for goal kicks, on another occasion he had to maneuver almost a Newcastle player to take a roll near their own corner flag, and when, as soon as the fourth official was voice heard board with a MINIMUM of four extra minutes, Newcastle made a replacement, he had clearly had enough.

While Perez made his endless walk from the field, the referee went to several Newcastle players and pointed to his watch and did the same with the bank. Benitez was fully aware of what was going on, and that he would otherwise claim that he really did not look good.

As regards the alleged foul on the keeper, some referees would have given it, others would not. Dubravka misjudged the flight of the ball and tried to make up for it. supported in Boly with Boly already in the air. It's the breaks, Wolves has seen enough dubious referees in recent weeks to welcome when someone went his way.

For Wolves they did not play as well as they did recently, but it is a winning point and Newcastle played much better than their league suggests. They will stay up if they can continue in that spirit.

Watch how you go,
Paul (are there any brackets in or out right now?) Quinton

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