100 days later: nothing has changed for access to abortion in Ireland

It is 100 days ago that the people voted yes to withdraw the 8th Amendment by an overwhelming majority.

But the Abortion Rights Campaign says that unfortunately nothing has changed since then.

A spokesperson said: "We have seen the publication of draft legislation and legal challenges for the 66.4% Yes vote, and it is estimated that over 1,000 people have traveled to get the health care they should have had at home. are still imported pills, which are safe but still illegal, allowing them to be prosecuted. "

"The Abortion Rights campaign calls for immediate action to alleviate the burden on pregnant people who need abortion and to prepare for the introduction of high-quality, accessible abortion services at home." The law on information law should be withdrawn immediately, as should the law protects human life during pregnancy, where a 14-year sentence is imposed on a person who induces an abortion or helps someone in. Training of medical professionals to provide abortion care and licensing of medicines should start immediately.

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